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Doctoral Alumni

Recipients of doctoral degrees in Music Education at Indiana University School of Music have been placed at major research universities, state colleges, liberal arts universities and colleges, institutional and government agencies. Below is a list of IU doctoral alumni and their current positions:

Carla Aguilar: Metropolitan State College, Denver

Dennis Ballard: Indiana State University

Sam Baltzer: Shorter University (previously)

Tim Brakel: University of Toledo

Natalie Boeyink: University of North Carolina Wilmington

Christine Brown: Indiana University Southeast

Kasia Bugaj: Florida State University

Gustavo Cardinale: Hafnia Chamber Orchestra – Copenhagen, Denmark

Kerry Carlin: East Carolina University

Maryanne Craig: College of St. Rose

Janice Cusano: Levine School of Music

Tom Dust: University of Alberta

JB Dyas: Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz

C. Victor Fung: University of South Florida

Brenda Graham: deceased

Travis Greene: Maryville Jr HS, Tennessee

Joyce Eastlund Gromko: Professor Emeritus Bowling Green State University

Beth Hayes: University of New Orleans

Les Hicken: Furman University

William Hochkeppel: University of Southwestern Louisiana

Gaye Hudson: Retired from MCCSC school corporation

Marcia Hughes: David Lipscomb College

Russell Jones: Pittsburg State University

Flossie Jordan: University of Idaho (previously)

Mervyn Joseph: Central State University

J. Michael Kearns: Wilfrid Laurier University/Georgian College

Sheila Bondurant-Koehler: Illinois Wesleyan University

William Koehler: Illinois State University

Eloise Stebleton Kornicke: Mary Baldwin College (previously)

Natalie Kreutzer: Professor Emeritus from University of Idaho

Wen Kurkul: Montgomery College (previously)

Eva Kwan: Taylor University

Mary Leglar: University of Georgia

Barbara Lewis: University of North Dakota

Patrice Madura Ward-Steinman: Indiana University

Lissa Fleming May: Indiana University

Peter Miksza (awarded 2007 Dean's Dissertation prize): Indiana University

Amanda Montgomery: University of Alberta  

Masafumi Ogawa: Yokohama National University, Yokohama, Japan

Anne Osbourne: University of West Indies-Trinidad

Carlotta Parr: Central Connecticut State University

Wendolin Pazitka-Munroe: Burman University

Wiliam Perrine: (awarded 2015 Dean's Dissertation prize) Concordia University

Barbara Resch: Retired from Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne

Mary Reichling: University Southwestern Louisiana

James Reifinger (awarded 2009 Dean's Dissertation prize): Southern Illinois University

George Rogers: Professor Emeritus from Westfield State College

Lois Sabo-Skelton: Private studio

Charles Schmidt: Professor Emeritus from Indiana University

John Seybert: Seton Hill University

Shahanum Mohamad Shah: University Teknologi MARA (Malaysia)

Anne Sinclair: Mississippi College (previously)

Beth Bauer Starowitz: Wheaton College

Robert Stephens: deceased

Pamela Stover: University of Toledo

Nancy Sugden (awarded 2005 Dean's Dissertation prize): Bowling Green (previously)

Leonard Tan: (awarded 2012 Dean's Dissertation prize) National Institute of Education, Nanyang University, Singapore

Valerie Trollinger: Kutztown University

Kevin Watson: University of Western Ontario

Art Williams: Faulkner University

Stephen Zdzinski: University of Miami