OWAHI Resources

OWAHI Resources


Mind Over Finger: Discussions on mindful music-making, efficient practice, and building a purposeful career, with Dr. Renée-Paule Gauthier.

The Mindful Musical Life: Kevin Miescke, founder of Mindful Musical Life and Jacobs alum, interviews musicians about their experiences with all forms of contemplative practice, including mindfulness, yoga, and more.

In Tune: Emmy-Award winning composer, multi-platinum music producer, USC mindfulness teacher and author Richard "Wolfie" Wolf invites us to take a deep look at the special relationship between the worlds of music, meditation, and mindfulness.

Meditation Apps

Headspace: A popular and highly rated meditation app. Free trial available.

Calm: One of the highest rated meditation apps.

Healthy Minds Program: Free and research-based meditation app by Healthy Minds Innovations. Includes meditations focused cultivating awareness, connection, insight, and purpose


Bullet Proof Musician: Resources, articles, and courses on performance psychology led Noa Kageyama of Juilliard.

Performing Arts Medicine Association: Webinars, articles, and courses on all aspects of musicians health.