Centers & Institutes

Center for Electronic and Computer Music

The Center for Electronic and Computer Music (CECM) focuses on theoretical training, electronic and multimedia composition, and the dissemination of works through public concerts.

It houses two studios that employ the latest technologies in digital sound synthesis and sampling, MIDI, digital recording and editing, video, and research-level computing.

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Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature

The Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature (CHMTL) brings together research activities and other projects in the fields of music theory and historical musicology. 

It focuses on gathering, researching, and dissemination of documents relevant to the history of musical thought.

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Historical Performance Institute

Founded in 1980, the Historical Performance Institute is part of the Historical Performance department.

It focuses on the study, interpretation, and performance of period-specific music from the past millenium through to the early twentieth century. The institute’s faculty and alumni make significant contributions to the field as vocalists, instrumentalists, educators, and administrators.

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Latin American Music Center

The Latin American Music Center (LAMC) fosters the academic study, performance, and research of Latin American art, popular, and traditional musics at Jacobs.

It is home to one of the largest archives of twentieth-century Latin American music in the world and offers a series of free public concerts and guest lectures featuring Latin American music, among other activities.

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