Strategic Planning

Planning our future

The Jacobs School of Music is embarking on a strategic planning process during the 2022-2023 academic year. Through conversations, brainstorming, surveys, and ongoing dialogue across multiple groups of stakeholders, we will spend the entire academic year honing in on an understanding of who we are as a school today and dreaming big about who we desire to be as we enter our second century. Led by a Steering Committee comprised of faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the chair of the Dean’s Advisory Council, we will analyze the information gathered, draft updated mission and vision statements, identify important themes for our future, engage in working groups to develop new ideas, initiatives, and priorities, and propose a plan which will guide our work together over the next five years.

Strategic Planning Town Hall for all Faculty & Staff – January 6, 2023

Jacobs faculty and staff: Documents and records from the January 6 Town Hall will be made available for review in Sharepoint. Thomas Morris' keynote speech has been added, and key themes and working groups will be available soon.

View documents from the January 6 Town Hall

View recording of talks given by Dean Bush, Provost Shrivastav, and Keynote Speaker Thomas Morris

Steering committee

The Steering Committee will have the responsibility for providing advice and helping steer the strategic planning process and the development of the plan itself. The committee will ensure our community at large is consulted—our faculty, students, staff, alumni, off-campus partners, and others in a manner that is inclusive and reflective of the diversity that makes our school a great place to be. 

Specifically, the Steering Committee, which is advisory to the dean and the leadership of the school, will: 

  • Ensure all members of the Jacobs School of Music community are given multiple and appropriate opportunities to engage in the process – by having their opinions sought, their voices heard, their feedback invited, their buy-in encouraged.  
  • Guide and facilitate the process of developing a strategic plan that reflects the wider JSoM community’s input. Note that the committee does not approve the final plan, nor does it determine JSoM priorities and plan-supporting resource allocations. Decision-making authority remains vested where it currently resides –in the governance system and with the school and university leadership.   
  • Connect with, build from, leverage, and integrate work done in the Working Groups established to explore the broad strategic planning themes which will be identified throughout the year as well as work being undertaken under the auspices of currently ongoing “local” planning efforts on campus.



  • Jeremy Allen, Co-chair - Eugene O'Brien Bicentennial Executive Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Music (Jazz Studies)
  • Melissa Dickson - J-CDR Assistant Dean for External Affairs
  • Jill Gonyo - Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
  • Lissa May - Associate Dean for Instruction and Professor of Music Education
  • Phil Ponella, Co-chair - Wennerstrom-Phillips Music Library Director and Chief Digital Officer 




  • Charlie Edmonds, Graduate student
  • Lauren Franzetti, Undergraduate student


  • Katie Wyatt, Executive Director, Weymouth Center for the Arts and Humanities

Dean’s Advisory Council  

  • Frank Graves
  • David Jacobs