Piano Department


Performance Proficiency

All candidates for music graduate degrees in areas other than music performance are required to demonstrate a minimum level of music performance ability equivalent to the end of the second year for elective undergraduate students in that area. Proficiency may be demonstrated in any of three ways: (1) in person before a faculty auditioning committee, one voting member of which shall at the student’s request be a faculty member in the student’s major area; (2) by completion of performance study as a graduate outside area or minor; or (3) by two semesters of performance study as a graduate elective. The grade in each semester of performance study must be B or higher.

Please note that this examination is separate and distinct from the Keyboard Proficiency Examination, which is also required.

The performance proficiency examination will be offered in piano once each semester.  The date (typically a Saturday close to the end of the semester) will be posted at the beginning of each semester outside JS204.

For Fall 2019, the exam will be held on Saturday, December 7.

 Students wishing to take the Performance Proficiency examination for a given semester should contact Prof. Cartledge (docartle@indiana.edu) before the beginning of the eighth week of the semester in order to request an examination, and to discuss appropriate repertoire. 

For Fall 2019, the deadline for contacting Prof. Cartledge is October 11.

It is the student's responsibility to inform their own department of the scheduled exam, so that a faculty member in that department can be present for the exam if desired.

Students should prepare two or three substantial movements or pieces from distinct stylistic periods. An example of minimally acceptable repertoire would be:

  • A Clementi Sonatina Allegro movement (for example from Op. 36)
  • A Chopin prelude
  • A Debussy Arabesque

Other repertoire may be acceptable--it is advisable to contact the department chair by email to determine whether the intended repertoire is appropriate.

It is recommended that students memorize their performance material. While memorization is not required, to perform at least part of the program from memory will reflect positively upon the performance.