Composition Department

A list of works for solo instrument and chamber groups demonstrating effective writing for each orchestral instrument.

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Delicious Silence, by David Dzubay

Berio, Luciano Sequenza I (1958/92) Flute M62.B52 S4 1993 Variations
Cage, John Ryoanji (1984) Flute w/optional perc./orchestral obbligato M 62 .C13 R9 Variations
Carter, Elliott Scrivo In Vento (1991) Flute M 62. C32 1991 Variations
Clarke, Ian   Zoom Tube (2001) Flute   Frontlog 7428572 Frontlog 7248564
Crawford Seeger, Ruth Diaphonic Suite No. 1 (1930) Flute M62.S451 D51 Variations
Crumb, George Eleven Echoes of Autumn (1966) Violin, Alto Flute, Clarinet, Piano M422.C956 E4 Frontlog 8068322
Crumb, George Vox Balaenae (1971) Flute, Violoncello, Piano M322.C88 V6 1972 Frontlog 8068322
Davidovsky, Mario Synchronisms no. 1 (1962) Flute M298.D25 S9 no. 1 Variations
Debussy, Claude Syrinx (1913) Flute M 62 .D28 S9 Variations
Feldman, Morton Flute and Orchestra (1978) Flute and Orchestra M1020.F45 F5 Frontlog AKT4888
Freund, Don Passing Fancy (1981) Flute M 62 .F85 P3 Variations
Lavista, Mario Canto del Alba (1980) Amplified Flute M 62 .L279 C2 CD.T6885 W1.1
Messiaen, Olivier Le Merle Noir (1952) Flute (w/ Piano) M242.M58 M3 Variations
Muczynski, Robert Three Preludes Op. 18 for Unaccompanied Flute (1961) Flute M62.M93 P9 Variations
Musgrave, Thea Narcissus (1988) Flute and digital delay M 62 .M98 N3 Variations
Persichetti, Vincent Parable XII (1973) Piccolo M62 .P46 op.125 Variations
Scelsi, Giacinto   Quays (1953) Alto Flute M 62 .S29 O3 Variations
Takemitsu, Toru Itinerant (1989) Flute M 62 .T22 I7 Variations
Varese, Edgard Density 21.5 (1936) Flute M62 .V29 Variations
Wolff, Christian Peace March I (Stop Using Uranium) (1984) Flute Frontlog ACE2379 Variations

Berio, Luciano Sequenza VII (1971) Oboe M67.B51 S3 Variations
Britten, Benjamin Six Metamorphoses after Ovid; op.49 (1952) Oboe M67.B86 M5 Variations
Crawford Seeger, Ruth Diaphonic Suite no. 1 (1930) Oboe (or Flute) M62.S451 D51 Variations
Musgrave, Thea   Niobe (1987) Oboe and Tape Frontlog 6391480 Frontlog 6391480
Poulenc, Francis Sonata for Oboe and Piano (1963) Oboe and Piano M246.P87 S7 Varations
Tower, Joan Island Prelude (2007) Oboe and wind quartet M557.T69 I7 CD ZC5W.2

Messiaen, Oliver Quatuor pour le Fin du Temps (1941) Clarinet, Violin Violincello, Piano Frontlog 8263347 Variations
Muczynski, Robert Duos for Flute and Clarinet Op. 24 (1991) Flute, Clarinet M289.M96 D84 Variations
Crawford Seeger, Ruth Diaphonic Suite no. 3 (1930) Two Clarinets M178.S451 D5 v.1 Frontlog 4793436
Berio, Luciano Sequenza IXa (1980) Clarinet M72.B47 S4 Variations
Berio, Luciano Sequenza IXc (1980) Bass Clarinet Frontlog ALQ3037 Variations
Persichetti, Vincent Parable XIII (1973) Clarinet M72.P47 P3 Variations
Stravinsky, igor Three Pieces for Clarinet (1918) Clarinet M71.S92 1990 Variations
Lavista, Mario Madrigal (1994) Clarinet M72.L38 M3 Variations
Davies, Peter Maxwell Seven Brightnesses (1978) Clarinet M72.D38 S4 Variations
Scelsi, Giacinto Ixor (1956) Clarinet M72.S3 I9 Variations
Penderecski, Krzysztof Prelude (1959) Clarinet M72.P4 P7 Variations
Martino, Donald Strata (1967) Bass Clarinet M72.M38 SB Variations
Cage, John Sonata (1963) Clarinet M72.C13 S6 CD C1313 C1.2
Reich, Steve New York Counterpoint (1985) Clarinet and tape (10 pre-recorded clarinet parts) M72.R35 N49 CD ZW3.10
Druckman, Jacob Animus III (1978) Clarinet and Tape M72.D78 A5 No.3 Youtube link

Arnold, Malcolm Fantasy (1966) Bassoon M77.A765 F2 Variations
Berio, Luciano Sequenza XII (1995) Bassoon M77.B43 S312 Variations
Carter, Elliott Retracings (2005) Bassoon Frontlog 6563015 Frontlog 8946987
Crawford Seeger, Ruth Diaphonic Suite no.2 (1930) Bassoon, Violoncello M178.S451 D5 v.1 Variations
Gubaidulina, Sofia Duo Sonata (1993) Bassoon M289.G9 D9 Variations
Jacob, Gordon Partita (1971) Bassoon M77.I32 P3 Variations
Mignone, Francisco Sixteen Waltzes (1982) Bassoon M77.M63 W3 1982 Variations

Berio, Luciano Sequenza VIIb (1969) Soprano Saxophone M107.B48 S4 Naxos
Berio, Luciano Sequenza IXb (1981) Alto Saxophone M109.B47 S46 Naxos
Bonneau, Paul Caprice en Forme de Valse (1950) Alto Saxophone M107.B69 C3 Naxos
Crumb, George Quest (1996) Guitar, Soprano saxophone, Harp, Contrabass, and Percussion (two players) M685.C9 Q5 Naxos
Dahl, Ingolf Concerto for Saxophone (1949, rev. 1953) Alto Saxophone and Wind Orchestra
(Version for Saxophone and Piano)
M1206.D13 C7 1979 Naxos
Debussy, Claude Rhapsodie : pour saxophone et orchestre (1903) Alto Saxophone and Orchestra M1035.S4 D4 L4 Naxos
Denisov, Edison Sonata (1973) Alto Saxophone and Piano M269.D36 S6 Naxos
Dzubay, David Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1995) Alto Saxophone and Piano M269.D97 S6 ARCHIVE DAT .N468 96-4-20
Freund, Don Killing Time (1980) Alto Saxophone, Amplified Piano and Tape M342.F82 K5 Variations
Freund, Don Sky Scrapings (1997) Alto Saxophone and Piano M269.F8 S5 Variations
Freund, Don Louder than Words (2001) Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone and Piano Frontlog 7800318 Variations
Hartley, Walter Baritone Saxophone Sonata  (1976) Baritone Saxophone and Piano M269.H33 S6 1976 Naxos
Hartley, Walter Duo for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1976) Alto Saxophone and Piano M269.H33 D9 T4 Variations
Hindemith, Paul Sonate, for alto horn (mellophone) in E flat (also French horn or alto saxophone) and piano (1943) Alto Saxophone and Piano (Also for Melophone or French Horn) M271.A4 H66 Naxos
Lauba, Christian Neuf études pour saxophones en 4 cahiers. Cahier 1, Pour saxophone alto (1992-94) Alto Saxophone Frontlog - 12416016 Naxos
Milhaud, Darius Scaramouche (1939) Alto Saxophone and Orchestra M1035.S4 M537 Naxos
Noda, Ryo Mai (1978) Alto Saxophone Frontlog - 12567415 Naxos
Persichetti, Vincent Parable XI, Op. 123 (1973) Alto Saxophone M107.P37 P2 *only LP and Tape
Rosse, Francois Le frêne égaré (1978) Alto Saxophone Frontlog - ACH6897 M107.L36 E8 no. 10
Rands, Bernard Memo 6 (1990) Alto Saxophone Frontlog - 7771139 Naxos
Rorem, Ned Picnic on the Marne (1984) Alto Saxophone and Piano M269.R66 P5 Naxos
Tanada, Fuminori Mysterious morning III (1999) Soprano Saxophone Frontlog - 5636844 Naxos
Tower, Joan Wings (1981) Alto Saxophone Ask staff - AED3204 Variations
Turnage, Mark-Anthony Two elegies framing a shout (1997) Soprano Saxophone and Piano Frontlog - AKJ7177 Variations
Xenakis, Iannis XAS (1987) SATB Saxophone Quartet M457.2.X45 X2 Naxos

Britten, Benjamin Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings (1943) Tenor, Horn, Strings M1613.3B86 S4 Variations
Dzubay, David Solus 1 (1991) Horn M82.D99 Frontlog 8701683
Ligeti, György Trio for Violin, Horn and Piano (1982) Violin, Horn, Piano M322.L54 2001 Variations
Ligeti, György Hamburg Concerto (2002)  Horn and Chamber Orchestra M1028.L54 H36 Variations
Persichetti, Vincent Parable VIII (1972) Horn M82.P47 P2 Variations
Wuorinen, Charles Horn Trio (1981) Horn, Violin, Piano M322.W86 Variations
Zwilich, Ellen Taafe Concerto for Horn and String Orchestra (1993) Horn and String Orchestra  Frontlog 7907399 Frontlog 4783549.1

Adler, Samuel Canto I (1972) Trumpet in Bflat or C M87.A223 Variations
Berio, Luciano Sequenza X (1984) Trumpet (w/ Piano Resonance) M261.B51 S5 Variations
Birtwistle, Harrison Endless Parade (1987) Solo Trumpet, Vibraphone, String Orchestra M1130.B56 E5 Frontlog 4942942
Copland, Aaron Quiet City (1941) English Horn, Trumpet, String Ochestra M1140.C78 Q6 Variations
Hailstork, Adolphus Variations for Trumpet *1981) Trumpet M87.H25 V3 Variations
Henze, Hans Werner Sonatina (1974) Trumpet M87.H52 S8 S3 CD.H2591 B2.1
Hindemith, Paul Concerto for Trumpet in Bflat with Bassoon and Strings (1954) Trumpet in Bflat, Bassoon, Strings M1141.H65 C7 Frontlog AJA1380
Hodkinson, Sydney Clarion: a Canonic Prelude for Trumpet(s) (1985) Trumpet(s) M87.H59 C5 Variations
Honegger, Arthur Intrada (1947) Trumpet and Piano M261.H79 I8 1987 Frontlog AJA1380
Ligeti, György Mysteries of the Macabre (1974-77. arr. 1992) Colorotura Soprano or Trumpet in C and orchestra Frontlog 8476682 Variations
Persichetti, Vincent Parable XIV (1975) Trumpet M87.P466 op. 127 Youtube link
Stockhausen, Karlheinz Aries (solo from Sirius) (1977) Trumpet and electronics M87.S86 S5 CD.S8644 G v.60
Stockhausen, Karlheinz In Freundschaft (1977/97) Trumpet M87.S86 I5 CD.S8644 G v.60
Stravinsky, Igor L'Histoire du Soldat (1918) Tpt., Cl., Bssn., Trn., Perc., Vl., DB., Narr. M1523.S91 H6 Variations
Takemitzsu, Toru Paths: In memoriam Witold Lutoslawski (1994) Trumpet Frontlog AHG1830 CD.H2591 82.1
Wolpe, Stefan Solo Piece for Trumpet (1966) Trumpet M87.W64 S6 Frontlog ADM5313

Adler, Samuel Canto II (1972) Trombone M92.A223 Variations
Arnold, Malcolm Fantasy (1969) Trombone M92.A757 F2 Variations
Berio, Luciano Sequenza V (1966) Trombone M92.B52 S4 Variations
Cage, John Solo for Sliding Trombone (1960) Trombone  M94.C13 Variations
Childs, Barney Sonata (1961) Trombone M92.C5357 Variations
Denisov, Edisson Choral Varié Trombone, Piano M263.D45 C4 Variations
Dutilleux, Henri Choral, Cadence et Fugato (1950) Trombone, Piano (also orch. for wind choir) Frontlog CAA7275 Variations
Hartley, Walter Sonata breve (1969) Bass Trombone M92.H33 S6 Youtube link
Hindemith, Paul Sonate für Posaune und Klavier (1941) Trombone, Piano M263.H66 S8 Variations
Kagel, Mauricio Atem (1969/70) Trombone and electronics M1470.K118 A8 Variations
Persichetti, Vincent Parable XVIII (1975) Trombone M92.P47 op. 133 Variations
Rouse, Christopher Trombone Concerto (1991) Trombone, Orchestra M1032.R85 T7 Variations
Stockhausen, Karlheinz In Freundshaft (1977) Trombone M94.S76 I5 Variations
Stravinsky, Igor Octet (1923) Fl., Cl., 2 Bsn., 2 Tpt., 2 Tbn M857.S9126 O B7 Variations
Xenakis, iannis Keren (1986) Trombone M92.X46 K4 Variations
Zwilich, Ellen Taaffe Concerto for Bass Trombone, Strings, Timpani, and Cymbals (1993) Bass Tbn., Strings, Timp. and Cymbals M1132.Z98 C6 Frontlog 4783549.1

Arnold, Malcolm Fantasy (1969) Tuba M97.A75 op. 102 Youtube link
Hiller, Lejaren Maita (1975) Tuba and Tape Frontlog CAB0192 Frontlog ACP9572
Kraft, William Encounters II (1970) Tuba M97.K89 E6 Variations
Muczunski, Robert Impromptus (1973) Tuba M97.M942 I5 Youtube link
Penderecki, Krzysztof Capriccio (1980) Tuba M97.P39 C3 Variations
Persichetti, Vincent Parable XXII (1981)
Tuba M97.P46 P3 no. 22 CD.N4284 B4.1
Plog, Anthony Three Miniatures (1990)
Tuba, Piano M265.P56 MS Variations
Ruggiero, Charles Fractured Mambos (1990)
Tuba and Tape Frontlog 5586600 SCORE Frontlog 5586600 CD
Vaughan Williams, Ralph Concerto for Bass Tuba and Orchestra (1954)
Tuba, Orchestra M1034.T8 V29 1982 Frontlog 8397264
Williams, John Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra (1988)
Tuba, Orchestra Frontlog AGZ5088 Frontlog 8397264
Wuorlnen, Charles Trio for Bass Instruments (1981)
Bass Trombone, Tuba, Contrabass M385.W86 T7 Variations

Beck, John Concerto for Timpani and Percussion Ensemble (1985) Timpani and Percussion Ensemble AEL2123 (FRONTLOG) Youtube Link
Carter, Elliot 8 Pieces for Timpani (1986) Solo Timpani M146.L33 S4 Variations
Farberman, Harold Concerto for Timpani and Orchestra (1962) Timpani and Orchestra M1039.F37 K4 Variations
Firth, Vic Solo Impressions (2003) Timpani and Piano 5509158 (FRONTLOG) Variations
Heiden, Bernard Four Movements (1976) Timpani and Saxophone Quartet M585.H46 M6 Variations

Cage, John Second Construction (1940) Percussion M485.C131 C2 Variations
Carter, Elliott 8 Pieces (1968) Four Timpani M146.C32 Variations
Davidovsky, Mario Synchronisms (1969) Percussion (5 Players) and Tape M585.D24 S95 Variations
Druckman, Jacob Reflections on the Nature of Water (1986) Marimba M175.X6 D79 Variations
Feldman, Morton The King of Denmark (1965) Percussion M146.F32 K5 Variations
Freund, Don Giraffe Study (2011) Marimba YouTube link
Nørgård, Per I Ching (1987) Percussion M146.N83 Frontlog ABQ5112
Saariaho, Kaija Six Japanese Gardens (2005) Percussion and Electronics M146.S25 S5 Frontlog CAE2680
Schwantner, Joseph Velocities: moto perpetuo (1990) Marimba M175.X6 S35 Variations
Stockhausen, Karlheinz Zyklus: Nr.9 (1961) Percussion M146.S864 Z9 Frontlog 8890473
Wuorinen, Charles Janissary Music (1966) Percussion M146.W86 J2 1970 Variations
Xenakis, Iannis Rebonds (1991) Percussion M146.X46 R4 Variations

Berio, Luciano Sequenza II (1963) Harp M117.B52 S4 Variations
Berio, Luciano Circles (1966) Female Voice, Harp, Three Percussion M1613.3.B53 C5 Variations
Boulez, Pierre Sur Incises (1996/98) Three Harps, Three Pianos, Three Percussion M947.B66 S8 2008 Variations
Britten, Benjamin Suite for Harp (1970) Harp M117.B862 S9 op.83 Variations
Bussotti, Sylvano Fragmentations for Harpist (1962) Harp M117.B98 F8 Youtube Link
Crumb, George Madrigals (Book 3 and 4) (1971) Book 3- Sopr., Harp., Perc. Book 4 - Sop., Fl., Harp, DB, Perc. M1613.3.C95 M3 Variations
Crumb, George Ancient Voices of Children (1970) Sop., Boy Sop., Ob., Mand., Harp, Pno., Perc. M1613.3.C95 A6 Variations
Debussy, Claude Danses (1904) Harp and Strings M1145.D28 D19 Variations
Debussy, Claude Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp (1916) Flute, Viola and Harp M382.D3 1997 Variations
Freund, Don Fantasie for Madame McD (2017) Harp YouTube link
Ginastera, Alberto Concerto for Harp and Orchestra  Harp and Orchestra M1036.G35 op.25 Variations
Grandjany, Marcel Rhapsodie (1923) Harp Frontlog ACE8472 Variations
Hindemith, Paul Sonata for Harp (1939) Harp M177.H6 Variations
Hovhaness, Alan Nocturne (1966) Harp M117.H84 N6 Variations
Mayuzumi, Toshiro Rokudan (1994) Harp M117.M39 Youtube Link
Milhaud, Darius Concerto for Harp (1954) Harp and Orchestra M1037.M64 C7 CD.M644 G.11
Salzedo, Carlos Scintillation (1937) Harp Frontlog AGR5122 Variations
Sciarrino, Salvatore Addio a Trachis (1980) Harp Frontlog 5412938 Youtube Link
Stravinsky, igor Four Songs (1955) Voice, Flute, Harp, Guitar M1624.9.S91 R9 Variations
Takemitsu, Toru Stanza II (1972) Harp and Tape M117.T12 Variations
Takemitsu, Toru Eucalypts II (1971) Flute, Oboe, Harp M377.T13 Variations 
Webern, Anton Fünf geistliche Lieder für Sopran und fünf instrumente op.15 (1924) Voice, Fl., Cl., Tpt.,Harp, Vl./Vla M1621.3.W37 op.15 Variations

Adams, John Phygian Gates (1977) Piano M25.A21 P4 Variations
Berg, Alban Sonata (1910) Piano M23.B49 op.1 H4 Variations
Berio, Luciano Sequenza IV (1965) Piano M25.B52 S4 1993 Variations
Boulez, Pierre Sonata #2 (1958) Piano  CD.W9663 K1.2
Cage, John Sonatas and Interludes (1946-48) Piano (Prepared) M23.C13 S62 Variations
Carter, Elliott Night Fantasies (1980) Piano M25.C32 N43 Variations
Chin, Unsuk Scalen (from 12 Etudes) (1995) Piano Frontlog 5647293 Variations
Cowell, Henry The Banshee (1925) Piano M22.C87 D3 Variations
Crumb, George Makrokosmos Volume I (1972) Piano (Amplified) M24.C94 M3 Variations
Davidovsky, Mario Synchronisms no.6 (1970) Piano and Tape M25.D249.S9 Variations
Ives, Charles Piano Sonata no. 2 "Concord" (1916-19, rev. 1947) Piano M23.I94 no.2 1947 Variations
Ligeti, György ÉEtudes pour piano, Book 1 (1985)
Piano M25.L725 E81 1986 Variations
Messiaen, Olivier Vingt Regards sure L'Enfant-Jesus (1947) Piano M25.M58 V5 Variations
Nancarrow, Conlon 3 Two-part studies (1940s) Piano M25.N17 S7 Variations
Reich, Steve Piano Phase (1967) Piano (Solo or Duo) M214.R34 P5 Variations
Rzewski, Frederic The People United Will Never Be Defeated (1979) Piano M27.R999 P4 Variations
Scelsi, Giacinto Quattro Illustrazioni (1953) Piano M25.S353 I5 Variations
Schoenberg, Arnold Sechs Kleine Klavierstücke, Op. 19 (1911) Piano Frontlog 7520555 Variations
Sciarrino, Salvatore Sonatas 1-4 (1976-1994) Piano M23.S42 Frontlog AEV1687
Stockhausen, Karlheinz Klavierstücke 1-4 (1954) Piano M25.S86 K6 no.1-4 2002 Variations
Takemitsu, Toru Rain Tree Sketch (1982) Piano M25.T15 A5 Variations
Webern, Anton Op.27 Variations (1937) Piano M27.W37 V2 op.27 Variations
Xenakis, Iannis Herma (1960-1) Piano M25.X4 H4 Variations
Zorn, John Carny (1999) Piano Frontlog 8431101 Variations

Berio, Luciano Sequenza III (1968) Solo Voice M1621.2.B52 S4 Variations
Berio, Luciano Circles (1966) Female Voice, Harp, Two Percussion M1613.3.B53 C5 Variations
Crumb, George Madrigals (1971) High Voice and Mixed Ensembles M1613.3.C95 M3 Variations
Dzubay, David All in Green (2007) Soprano and Piano 8922673 (FRONTLOG) Variations
Ligeti, György Nonsense Madrigals (1993) 6 Male Voices M1529.5.L72 N6 Variations
Ran, Shulamit Apprehensions (1980) Soprano, Clarinet and Piano 5278864 (FRONTLOG) Variations
Sandstrom, Sven-David Magnificant (2005) Solo Voices, Chorus and Orchestra M2023.S19 M3 Variations

Berio, Luciano Sequenza VIII (1976) Violin M42.B51 S3 Variations
Cage, John Freeman Etudes I-XVI (1977-80) Violin M42.C33 F7 Frontlog AFG2195
Carter, Elliott Riconoscenza per Goffredo Petrassi (1984) Violin M42.C37 R5 Variations
Davidovsky, Mario Synchronisms no. 9 (1988) Violin and Tape M42.D249 S9 Variations
Dzubay, David Delicious Silence (2009) Violin M42.D9 D4 ProNovaMusic
Feldman, Morton For Aaron Copland (1981) Violin M42.F33 F8 Variations
Ferneyhough, Brian Intermedio Alla Ciaccona (1986) Violin M42.F364 I5 Variations
Martino, Donald Fantasy Variations (1970) Violin M42.M27 F2 Variations
Ran, Shulamit Inscriptions (1991) Violin M42.R2 Variations
Reynolds, Roger Kokoro (2000) Violin M42.R39 K6 Variations
Saariaho, Kaija Nocturne (2003) Violin M42.S13 N6 Variations

Babbitt, Milton Play it Again, Sam (1989) Viola M47.B11 Variations
Berio, Luciano Sequenza VI (1970) Viola M47.B511 S4 no.6 Variations
Grisey, Gérard Proloque from "Espaces Acoustiques" (1976) Viola M47.G75 E7 Variations
Harbison, John Violist's Notebook (2003,2006) Viola  M47.H37 V5 Variations
Kurtág, György Jelek: mélyheged”ure = Signes (1965) Viola M47.K97 J4 Variations
Ligeti, György Sonata for Viola solo (1991-94) Viola M47.M34 V5 Variations
Maderna, Bruno Viola (1971) Viola M47.L6 S6 Variations
Penderecki, Kryzstof Cadenza (1984) Viola M47.P39 C3 Variations
Zimmerman, Bernd Alois  Sonate (1955) Viola Variations

Berio, Luciano Sequenza XIV (2002) Violoncello Frontlog 5671264 Variations
Britten, Benjamin Suites for Cello, op. 72, 80, and 87 (1966,69,76) Violoncello M52.B86 S9 no.1,2 and 3 Variations
Cage, John Etudes Boreales (1981) Violoncello M52.C13 E8 CD.C1313 G.1-2
Crawford Seeger, Ruth Diaphonic Suite no.2 (1930) Basson, Violoncello M178.S451 D5 v.2 Variations
Crawford Seeger, Ruth Diaphonic Suite no.4 (1930) Oboe (or Viola), Violoncello M178.S451 D5 v.4 Variations
Crumb, George Sonata for Violoncello (1955) Violoncello M52.C956 S6 c.2 Variations
Davidovsky, Mario Syncronisms no. 3 (1964) Violoncello M298.D25 S9 no.3 Variations
Dutilleux, Henri Trois Strophes Sur Le Nom De Sacher (1976) Violoncello M52.D87 S7 Variations
Gubaidulina, Sofia Zehn Präludien für violoncello solo Violoncello M51.G92 P7 Variations
Ligeti, György Sonate (1948/1953) Violoncello M52.L72 S6 Youtube Link
Ligeti, György Cello Concerto (1966) Violoncello M1016.L72 Variations
Ligeti, György Hommage a Hilding Rosenberg (1982) Violoncello, Violin Frontlog 6633485 Variations
Lutoslawski, Witold Sacher-Variation (1975) Violoncello M52.L87 S2 CD.M774 S3.1
Messiaen, Olivier Quatuor pour le Fin du Temps (1941) Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Piano Frontlog 8263347 Variations
Penderecki, Krzysztof Capriccion per Siegfried Palm (1970) Violoncello M52.P39 C2 Variations
Saariaho, Kaija Petals (1989) Violoncello (w/ optional electronics) Frontlog CAJ2709 Variations
Scelsi, Giacinto Trilogia (1985) Violoncello M52.S25 T7 Reserve Desk Variations
Shapey, Ralph Krosnick Soli (1993) Violoncello M52.S53 K8 Variations
Xenakis, Iannis Nomos Alpha (1965-66) Violoncello M52.X46.N62 Variations
Xenakis, Iannis Kottos (1977) Violoncello M52.X46 K6 CD.M744 S3.1

Berio, Luciano Psy (1989) Double Bass M57.B47 P7 Variations
Cage, John Ryonanji (1984) Double Bass w/percussion or orch. Obbligato M57.C131 R9 Frontlog AGJ1685
Druckman, Jacob Valentine (1969) Double Bass M57.D81 V3 Variations
Koussevitzky, Serge  Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra Double Bass and Orchestra M1018.K88 op.3 2000 Frontlog ACR7328
Vasks, Pëteris Bass Trip (2004) Double Bass M57.V3 B29 Youtube Link
Xenakis, Iannis Theraps (1975-76) Double Bass M570X46 T5 Variations