Collaborative Piano

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The goal of the Jacobs Collaborative Piano Department, codirected by Anne Epperson and Kevin Murphy, is to coordinate the activities of our majors with the needs of the various departments within the rest of the school.

This dynamic fosters a positive atmosphere in all types of partnerships and reinforces the service aspect of our profession. At the Jacobs School of Music, students acquire one of the country’s premier experiences in all aspects of a collaborative education.

Unique to the program at Jacobs is the opportunity to choose an area of specialization: Vocal Emphasis, Instrumental Emphasis, or Balanced Track.

Perform with artists who share your passion

Each year, more than 1,100 performances take place at Jacobs—and as a student here, you’ll be a part of them. Whether you play with an established chamber music ensemble or create your own group, you will have ample opportunities to perform in front of live audiences. You could also work as a pianist for hire for people in our community.

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The diverse experiences I am gaining here at Jacobs have exceeded my expectations. I am constantly learning new repertoire, and my mentors and peers in this program keep me curious and wanting to absorb as much information as I can.

Marika Yasuda, D.M. Collaborative Piano

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