Collaborative Piano

Unprecedented opportunities to collaborate

The Collaborative Piano graduate program at the Jacobs School of Music prepares advanced piano students for professional collaborative careers.

Many performance opportunities with vocal and instrumental partners, experience in large ensemble keyboard parts, studies in lyric diction and language, and, for doctoral students, the chance to have mentored teaching assignments are among the variety of activities available to our majors.

The department offers students a unique opportunity to choose an area of specialization: Vocal Emphasis, Instrumental Emphasis, or Balanced Track (with emphasis on both vocal and instrumental repertoire.)

Codirected by Anne Epperson and Kevin Murphy, the Collaborative Piano program coordinates the collaborative needs of the various other music departments in the Jacobs School, working together to reinforce the service aspect of our profession.

Our students acquire one of the country’s premier experiences in all aspects of a collaborative education.

Collaborate with colleagues in exploring a vast array of repertoire

Each year, more than 1,100 performances take place at the school, and Collaborative Piano majors are an integral part of them.

You’ll have an unprecedented opportunity for artistic growth through student recitals, opera productions, orchestral keyboard assignments, choral activities, Jacobs competitions, and other special projects.

Woman in a blue dress sitting on a backwards-facing chair.

As a musician, I am always searching for new experiences and collaborations and looking forward to learning new things. The collaborative piano program offers plenty of opportunities to fulfill all these interests and to learn from the incredible professors at the Jacobs School. Having the opportunity to enroll in the balanced track has allowed me to expand my knowledge to new areas of collaboration without sacrificing those that are closest to my expertise.

Mireia Frutos Fernández, D.M. Collaborative Piano

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