Bachelor of Music (B.M.), Bachelor of Science in Music and an Outside Field (B.S.O.F.), Master of Music (M.M.), Doctor of Music (D.M.)

The following information is for entry into the 2025-26 school year.

Prescreening Requirements

All composition applicants must submit a prescreening portfolio via the JSOM Supplemental application by December 1.

Portfolio should include:

  1.  Scores
    • Undergraduate applicants: two to four scores
    • Graduate applicants: four to six scores representing a variety of forms and media (D.M. applicants: one of your scores must be for large instrumental ensemble - orchestra, wind ensemble, chamber orchestra, or sinfonietta)
  2.  A chronological list of completed compositions, including date of composition, instrumentation, duration, and any performances if applicable. Please submit this under the 'Media' section with your other prescreening materials.
  3.  Recordings of performances, if possible (or good MIDI realizations, if necessary)
    • D.M. applicants must submit live recordings of at least two of the works in the portfolio.

All scores should be in PDF format (no Finale, Sibelius, or Word files). The preferred file name format for scores and recordings is: <title>_<ensemble>_<year>. Recordings should be in mp3 or mp4 format.

Note for undergraduate applicants: enrollment in instrumental or vocal performance study is required for all undergraduate students every fall and spring semester. You must choose one of the following options upon submitting your JSOM Supplemental application:

Applicants pursuing Option 1 must also complete an audition for your respective instrumental or vocal area. Please see your performance area's audition requirements for more information. If your performance area requires prescreening, you must upload prescreen recordings for that area with your composition prescreen portfolio.

Please note, the following are also required for your performance area throughout your program: freshman jury, upper-division examination, and eighth semester jury.

Applicants pursuing Option 2 are not required to complete an entrance audition for your performance area or subsequent performance examinations or juries.

Interview Requirements

Select applicants will be invited to a live interview after a review of all prescreening portfolios.

If you are invited, you will be scheduled for one of the following audition dates and will receive your schedule by email 3-4 weeks prior to your interview:

  • Fri. January 17, 2025
  • Fri. February 7, 2025
  • Fri. March 7, 2025

International applicants are welcome to travel to Bloomington, but we can also offer the possibility of conducting the interview virtually. Please email to request an international virtual interview.

What to expect:

  • Undergraduate interviews will be approximately twenty minutes.
  • Graduate interviews will be approximately thirty minutes.
  • You should be prepared for a brief ear-training examination (identification of intervals, triads, etc.).
  • For more details and FAQ, visit the department's blog page.

Internal applicants

Please review application procedures for internal JSOM applicants.

Submit the following materials directly to the composition department chair, preferably in a shared online folder. Scores and recordings will be evaluated by the composition faculty and an interview may be requested.

All prescreening portfolio materials listed above.

There is no prescreening requirement for current Jacobs School of Music composition majors. Interviews will be scheduled in late February. It is suggested that you apply for a Music Theory Associate Instructorship (more information below). To apply for an advanced composition degree, submit the following items before February 15 for priority consideration for financial aid:

  • Three to four scores, including one work for large instrumental ensemble (orchestra, wind ensemble, chamber orchestra or sinfonietta)
  • A chronological list of completed compositions, including date of composition, instrumentation, duration, and any performances if applicable
  • At least two recordings of performances
  • Curriculum Vitae
Note: All scores should be in PDF format (no Finale or Sibelius files). The preferred file name format for scores and recordings is: <title>_<genre>_<year>

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