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NOTUS Student Composition Contest

The NOTUS Student Composition Contest is an initiative of choral conducting faculty member Dominick DiOrio, which continues the program started by Carmen-Helena Tellez to bring new choral-vocal works by IU students to performance. 

All current undergraduate and graduate student composers in the Jacobs School of Music are invited to apply for the chance to have an original work premiered and recorded with NOTUS during a major concert in the Spring 2020 semester. Prior winners of the contest are eligible to resubmit, assuming they are enrolled in classes in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Work Guidelines

¨      Mixed chorus SATB preferred, but divisi up to eight parts (SSAATTBB) acceptable.
¨      Submitted works may be a cappella or have between 1 and 5 accompanying instruments.
¨      Approximate duration to be no longer than eight minutes.
¨      Both unperformed works and works that have not received a significant professional premiere are welcome.
¨      Permission to set text must be demonstrated for works not in the public domain.


¨      All submissions will be done via email.
¨      Scores should be submitted anonymously. Names must not appear on the score.
¨      In an email to, please submit the following 

  1. Personal Information:
    1. Preferred Name (for program/press release)
    2. Degree / Major Teacher
    3. Telephone number
  2. A PDF copy of the score, without any identifying information
  3. A program note for the submitted work
  4. A current bio (~250 words)
  5. A headshot (hi-resolution, suitable for web and printing)

Deadline for submission: Saturday, October 26, 2019 by 11:59pm


¨      A panel of judges with expertise in voice, conducting and composition will review the submitted scores. Professor DiOrio will not be one of the judges. The judges’ decision is final.
¨      The judges reserve the right to award no prize if a suitable work is not found.
¨      The winning composer and work will be announced by December 15, 2019.


¨      NOTUS will perform the prize-winning work(s) on the concert in Auer Hall on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.
¨      The winning composer will receive a recording of the premiere performance.
¨      The winning composer is expected to be in attendance at the concert and dress rehearsals.

Any questions about the NOTUS Student Composition Contest should be directed to Prof. Dominick DiOrio at:


2020 Winners
First Place: John William Griffith ll first light
Second Place: Leigha Amick Night Sky Songs
Honorable Mention: Jake Cozza Time Traveller
Honorable Mention: Yuseok Seol Dulce et Deorum Est

2019 Winners
First Place: Katherine Bodor Assurance
Second Place: Jeff Sabol Confiteor
Honorable Mention: ErikQ. Ransom The Sick Rose
Honorable Mention: Matt Ridge Reverance
Honorable Mention: Sam Ritter The Glorious Imparting

2018 Winners
First Prize: Jake Gunnar Walsh I See Words in Color
Second Prize: Katherine Bodor Two Songs of Solitude
Honorable Mention: John William Griffith Gloria
Honorable Mention: Jamie Kunselman Requiem for a Light

2017 Winners
First Prize: Christopher LaRosa Jesus Wept
Second Prize: Nathan Stang O Felix Anima
Third Prize: Matthew Recio Echo
Honorable Mention: John William Griffith Comme Je Trouve
Honorable Mention: Kathryn Jorgensen Un Paseo Por La Oscuridad

2016 Winners
First Prize: Matthew Recio How to Survive Vesuvius
Second Prize: Christopher LaRosa Breath
Honorable Mention: Nicholas Chuaqui Infinity
Honorable Mention: Felipe Tovar-Henas Oh, misteriosa alma mía

American Choral Directors Association (ACDA)
Raymond W. Brock Memorial Student Composition Prize: Alex Berko Forgiven Tears

2015 Winners
First Prize: Corey Rubin After-Glow
Honorable Mention: Paul Mortilla O Magnum Mysterium
Honorable Mention: Maxwell Ramage We'll to the woods no more

2014 Winners

First Prize: Patricia Wallinga Portraits of Wartime
Second Prize: Phillip Sink Fire and Ice
Honorable Mention: Yihan Chen Immolation
Honorable Mention: Steven Snethkamp Substance is Eternal

2013 Winners
First Prize: Carlo Vincetti Frizzo Nightscape
Honorable Mention: Joshua Clampitt After a Dream
Honorable Mention: Louis Goldford Vanishing Points