Audio Engineering and Sound Production

Konrad Strauss

Chair, Department of Audio Engineering and Sound Production
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Established in 1982, the Department of Audio Engineering and Sound Production offers two degrees: a Bachelor of Science, and an Associate of Science. These degrees are intended for the student who wishes to pursue a career in music recording, radio, audio post-production for visual media, live sound, technical support, and IT applications in audio.

Our educational philosophy emphasizes hands-on production experience from the very first semester. For this reason our program is small, limited to 15 incoming students each year. This guarantees that every student will spend a significant amount of time working in our studios, in excess of 1000 hours over four years. Coursework and lab projects are drawn from the resources of the Jacobs School of Music so in addition to working regularly in our studios, students get to record and in come cases collaborate directly with our world-class faculty, guests and students. Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to work as producers and engineers on university-sponsored CD projects. Our record label, IU Music, has released over 50 discs, all of which have been recorded and in some cases produced by Audio Engineering students.

Our curriculum is based upon the idea of a four-year apprenticeship in a major recording facility, but with an extensive educational component. Each semester, Audio Engineering students provide all audio production support for the Jacobs School's performance activities. This ranges from simple archival recording of student recitals, to complex sound reinforcement for the Opera Theater. Freshman and sophomores serve as runners and assistant engineers and juniors and seniors serve as lead engineers; planning, mixing, and producing our productions. We also engage in extensive video production for the Opera and Ballet Theater with multi-camera shoots of each performance and live video streaming of our productions.

In their first two years, Audio Engineering students complete a four-semester sequence of audio recording and electronics courses.  While lecture based, these courses include a significant lab component. Students complete weekly assignments ranging from basic analog production, to advanced DAW techniques in the audio classes; and from basic circuit design and troubleshooting, to designing and building audio equipment in the electronics courses. Coursework becomes more specialized and project-based during the junior and senior years with a greater emphasis on hands-on production. Students spend considerable time in our studios working independently and in collaboration with other students and faculty.  Students also complete an internship, usually in their final year. They can take advantage of our extensive network of alumni and facilities that have hosted our students over the last 30 years to arrange an internship in virtually any location in the US.

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