Audio Engineering & Sound Production

Learn by doing

Over the course of your time at Jacobs, you’ll get to work hundreds of hours in our studios and world-class performance venues, collaborating with highly experienced faculty members and guest artists. You will assist in providing audio production support to more than 1,500 students at Jacobs, ranging from intimate chamber recitals to large ensemble performances. In addition, you will gain experience in video and audio production for IU Jacobs School of Music Opera and Ballet Theater.

Student recording in the Georgina Joshi Recording Arts Studio

Where you'll be recording

The Georgina Joshi Recording Studio is our flagship facility, made possible by a gift from the Georgina Joshi Foundation. The studio features a 48-input Pro Tools HDX system with an Avid S6 control surface, along with industry-standard microphone preamplifiers, analog outboard gear, and microphones. The Joshi Studio hosts our advanced multitrack studio classes and is frequently used by Jacobs School ensembles, faculty, and guests for recording projects.

MAC 460

The Musical Arts Center (MAC) features acoustical design and technical capabilities that are among the best in the United States. Regularly compared to the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, the main stage is 90 feet wide by 60 feet deep. The backstage area occupies more than half the building and provides a state-of-the art theater space for technical work. The MAC is home to IU Jacobs School of Music Opera and Ballet Theater, as well as performances by the school's orchestras, bands, and jazz ensembles. The hall includes complete recording facilities and a live sound system capable of supporting everything from big band jazz to Broadway-style musicals.

MAC 405

MAC 405 is a multitrack recording studio containing an Audient ASP8024 console and a Pro Tools HDX system with 24 I/O. It also has a large selection of outboard analog and digital processing gear and an extensive microphone collection. 405 is home to our introductory multitrack recording classes and is available to students for personal projects.

MAC 327

MAC 327 is a Pro Tools production room. It is equipped with an HD3 Accel system with an eight-fader Dcommand and Xmon, and is equipped for 5.1 surround sound mixing. 327 is used for mid-level production courses and is available to students for individual production projects.

Simon 354

Simon 354 is our premier Pro Tools production facility. It is equipped with a Pro Tools HD3accel with a 24-fader Procontrol control surface and 24 I/O. It also has 5.1 surround sound monitoring and is connected to Ford Hall for session recording. This studio is used for advanced coursework by juniors and seniors in the program. As with all our studios, it can be used for individual projects when available.

Simon 257

Simon 257 is the electronics lab. It is used by students during the four-semester electronics sequence for group and individual lab work. It is equipped with computers for circuit simulation as well as hardware for prototyping and testing electronic circuits. It also includes machining equipment for manufacturing circuit boards and equipment faceplates.

Auer Hall is home to the Maidee H. and Jackson A. Seward Organ and hosts performances by the Jacobs School's world-class faculty, guests, and ensembles. Featuring a high-beamed coffered ceiling with two side terraces, the hall's acoustics are ideal for chamber music, choral, and organ music. It includes complete recording facilities as well as a live sound system for music sound reinforcement.

Built in 1936, Recital Hall is the Jacobs School's most historic performance venue. It has hosted innumerable recitals by faculty, students, and guests of the school. Because of its storied history and connection to the past, it is one of our most popular student performance venues. It includes complete recording facilities as well as a live sound system suitable for spoken word and music playback.

Ford-Crawford Hall is an intimate 100-seat auditorium designed for solo, chamber music, and small ensemble performances. It includes complete recording capabilities and is connected to Simon 354, which can be used for more complex productions.

Auer Hall, Ford-Crawford Hall, and the Georgina Joshi Recording Studio

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