Audio Engineering and Sound Production

Learn by doing

Student mixing in the Georgina Joshi Studio

As an audio engineering and sound production major, you will collaborate directly with the talented students and faculty of the Jacobs School.

You’ll get hundreds of hours of hands-on experience working in our state-of-the-art studios and world-class performance venues and will have extensive opportunities for audio engineering and production, music creation, and performance.

In addition to working on the numerous and varied performances of the school, our ongoing collaborations with IU colleagues such as the Media School and the Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance provide technical and creative opportunities in sound for visual media, game audio, theatrical sound design, and live sound.

And the breadth of IU’s academic and extra-curricular offerings allows you to pursue your interests outside of audio engineering.

Where you'll be working

The Jacobs School’s world-class audio production facilities are equipped with both cutting-edge and time-tested classic equipment and are acoustically designed specifically for recording and mixing.

Our facilities consist of two multitrack recording studios, including the flagship Georgina Joshi Recording studio, two 5.1-equipped post-production studios, an electronics lab, and four audio control rooms attached to the Jacobs performance halls.

You will have access to these facilities for your academic work and, time permitting, personal projects.

Student playing guitar in the Georgina Joshi studio
Student working at a mixing console
Student working at the mixing booth during a performance at Auer Hall

The Georgina Joshi Recording Studio, the Musical Arts Center, and Auer Hall.

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