Organ audition requirements

There is no prescreen requirement for any applicants.

Inquiries for specific information should be directed to the department chair, Janette Fishell, at

Audition Requirements for all applicants

Bachelor of Music (B.M.), Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E.), Bachelor of Science in Music and an Outside Field (B.S.O.F.), Master of Music (M.M.), Doctor of Music (D.M.), Performer Diploma, Solo Performance (P.D.S.P.)

Repertoire: prepare three works from contrasting historical periods (pre-Classical, preferably a work by Johann Sebastian Bach, Romantic, and Contemporary) and style (balancing virtuosic works with at least one expressive piece)

Diagnostic testing of other keyboard skills: sight-reading in both homophonic and contrapuntal textures, with pedal

Memorization is encouraged but not required for auditions into any of the degree programs.

Auditions are thirty minutes in length:

  • Undergraduate applicants: maximum of 25 minutes for repertoire and 5 minutes for keyboard skills diagnostic exam
  • Graduate applicants: maximum of 23 minutes for repertoire and 7 minutes for keyboard skills diagnostic exam

If you wish to bring a longer program, be prepared to shorten at least one work as requested by the faculty (e.g., two movements of a Bach trio sonata, without repeats, rather than three movements).

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