Audio Engineering & Sound Production

Audio Engineering interview requirements

In response to the ongoing pandemic, the Jacobs School of Music Office of Admissions and Financial Aid is adapting our audition procedures for 2021-2022 admissions to meet state and university guidelines related to COVID-19.

Associate of Science in Audio Engineering (A.S.), Bachelor of Science in Audio Engineering (B.S.)

Audio Engineering applicants must complete a 3-part application.

  1. Submit your Indiana University application
  2. Submit Part 1 of your Jacobs School of Music Supplemental Application (In this step, you will list the emails for your Letters of Recommendation)
  3. Submit Part 2 of your Jacobs School of Music Supplemental Application (In this step, you will submit artistic background and your prescreen portfolio)

Prescreen portfolio requirements

  • Describe your musical education and training.
  • Describe your audio production skills and experience.
  • Describe your experience with technology and computers outside of audio production.
  • What are your musical likes and dislikes?
  • What would you like to learn from the Audio Engineering program?
  • What are your career goals?
  • Why have you chosen Indiana University?

This can include any of your artistic, creative, and technical work. Some examples might be CDs you have recorded, produced, or played on as a musician; musical repertoire; web design; computer programming; visual arts; film or video; electronics projects, etc.

Submissions may be URLs, photographs, and print materials. Please include a complete description of your portfolio materials.

You must include three letters of recommendation from teachers or musical instructors. Make sure to follow up with your recommenders to submit their letters via the emailed links! All three letters must be received to complete your portfolio.

Write a paper of 3-5 pages on one of the following topics:

  • Choose an artist or recording and discuss the significance to you as a musician.
  • Choose a piece of equipment or technological innovation and discuss its impact on audio production and the entertainment industry.
  • Choose a film or video game and discuss its use of sound and how it enhances the storyline.

You must submit an official copy of your transcript to the Jacobs School of Music Office of Admissions ( to complete your prescreen portfolio. We cannot retrieve your transcript from the Indiana University Office of Admissions.

Live Interview

A limited number of students are invited for a Zoom interview and interview events based on prescreen reviews.

A musical audition is not required for admission.

For more information, please contact the Audio Engineering Office at (812) 855-1087 or by email at

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