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The following courses are offered by the Ballet Department. Please check with the department for a list of offerings each semester. The letter "P" identifies those courses that have prerequisites.

MUS  J100 - Ballet Elective/Secondary

MUS  J210 - Jazz Dance

A study of jazz dance, including early jazz and musical comedy as well as contemporary styles. Emphasis on current locomotor jazz techniques.

MUS  J320 - Pointe Technique

P or C: J100 Ballet Elective/Secondary (Intermediate/Advanced level). The study of classical ballet pointe work. Open to non-ballet majors.

MUS  J340 - Ballet Pedagogy

P: Sophomore standing. A current approach to the theory and practice of teaching classical ballet.

MUS  J400 - Ballet Majors

Daily technique classes, including pointe, for students in the BS and BSOF Ballet degree programs. Performance emphasis.

MUS  J410 - Choreography Workshop

P: Sophomore standing. A practical study of the craft of making dances using classical ballet technique.

MUS  J700 - Ballet Graduate Elective

MUS  X30 - Ballet Ensemble

Required of all ballet students; elective for students outside the Jacobs School of Music with consent of instructor. Rehearsals for ballet and opera production.