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Music Fundamentals Online

Music Fundamentals Online in the Summer

Music Fundamentals Online is freely available to all students at Indiana University Bloomington during the summer months. Completing MFO during the summer is the preferred way of satisfying the prerequisites for T151.

Summer MFO: policies and important dates

The deadline for completing MFO in summer 2019 has passed.

Students who have been specifically authorized to work on MFO at other times can log into MFO here.

MFO in the first week of classes

Some students hoping to take T151 in the fall may miss the opportunity to take MFO during the summer. (This could include some students admitted to the Jacobs School of Music late, and non-music majors who wish to take T151 but were unaware of MFO.) For these students, a final opportunity to take MFO is offered during the first week of classes in the fall semester (August 26–30, 2019).

Completion of MFO during this short period of time may be difficult, and access to MFO during this time will be by special permission only (send an email to mfo [at] indiana [dot] edu to describe your circumstances and request permission). Incoming music majors who received information about MFO in May are expected to meet the regular summer deadline and will not be given permission to take MFO during the first week of classes.

Getting T109 credit for completing MFO

Music majors who successfully complete MFO during the summer and subsequently complete T151 will automatically receive credit for T109.

Non-music majors who successfully complete MFO during the summer do not automatically receive course credit for doing so, but they can later receive T109 credit (including the General Education credit) in either of the following ways:

  • If a student who has completed MFO subsequently completes T151 with a grade of D– or better, the student may fill out a special credit application in the Music Undergraduate Office in order to receive T109 credit.

  • A student who has completed MFO, or any part of MFO, may register for the online section of T109 in a later semester. MFO modules already completed will count toward the requirements for T109. The student will need to complete any remaining modules, and take the two exams.

Frequently asked questions

A list of frequently asked questions on MFO, T151 prerequisites, T109, and related topics is available here.