Music Theory

Additional Means of Validating Undergraduate Aural Skills Classes

(T132, T231, T232, and T331 only)

This page describes another means of validating aural skills classes, offered as an alternative to taking the validation/exemption exams administered at the beginning of each semester.

1.  A student may validate any of the four aural skills classes listed above by passing the comprehensive exam for that class at the end of any fall or spring semester (typically the semester preceding the semester in which the student might otherwise take the class or the validation/exemption exam).

2.  To sign up for a comprehensive exam, write to the current instructor of the class to be validated. Your request must be submitted no later than the beginning of week 14 of the semester. Be sure that you obtain written confirmation from the instructor that you are authorized to take the exam, and verify the time and place of the exam.

3.  The comprehensive exam must be taken at the time offered by the instructor. No additional exam times will be offered because of this policy. If you are unavailable at the designated time, you should instead take the validation/exemption exam at the beginning of the following semester. If you wish to validate more than one aural skills class through comprehensive exams, and if those exams conflict, you should take the comprehensive exam for the lower-numbered class, and then take the validation exam for the higher-numbered class at the beginning of the following semester.

4.  You must bring a photo ID to the exam. No exceptions will be made for students who forget to bring proper identification.

5.  Validation requires a hearing component in addition to the written exam. If you pass the written exam, you will be contacted by the instructor to schedule the hearing.

6.  You may take any form of a validation exam only once. If you take the comprehensive exam and do not receive the minimum grade required for validation, you may not take a validation/exemption exam for the same course in any subsequent semester.

7.  This option is not available during the summer session.