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The Jacobs School is grateful for support and assistance from The Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Kelley School of Business.

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Innovation Competition

Innovation Competition

About the Competition

Project Jumpstart's annual Innovation Competition is an exciting opportunity for Jacobs School of Music students to launch or expand upon their own entrepreneurial project. During the month of November, Project Jumpstart will offer workshops in all the skills necessary to excell in the competition, and mentoring is available for all recognized competitiors. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Project Jumpstart at:

The competition day consists of two rounds of presentations and a Q & A session, judged by representitves from the Jacobs School of Music, the Kelley School of Business, and the greater Bloomington community. A first prize ($800) and runner-up prize ($200) will be awarded to facilitate the growth of the project. 

Competition Outline

Callout Meeting Wed, November 1 | 6-7:30pm | MU011
Statement of Intent

Fri, December 15 
Final Application

Mon, January 15
The 5th Annual
Innovation Competition Day

Sat, January 27





Competition Workshops

In the three-part "Great Ideas" workshop series, we'll explore all the aspects of making your project stand out! 
Claim your spot in the workshops, sign up in Career Portal: https://iujsm-csm.symplicity.com/sso/students/

The Strength of Collaborations  Wed, November 8 | 6-7:30pm | MU011
The Secrets to a Great Proposal Mon, November 13 | 6-7:30pm | MU011
The Impressive Presentation Tue, November 28 | 6-7:30pm | MU011

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to start a business to compete?

- No, you don't have to start a business. The competition is for all great, innovative ideas that you might have, regardless of size - it could be anything from an app you want to develop, a for-profit business, a fundraising concert, a new cross-collaboration arts collective, a new way to connect media and art, etc. The sky is the limit!
Don't know if your idea is good enough? Come to MU011 and have a conversation with us!

I have an idea, now what?

- Great! Now we would suggest that you attend some of our workshops geared towards the Innovation Competition (see list above), come to the office (MU011) to have an informal chat, and, when you're ready to enter the competition, send us your Statement of Intent.

What is a "Statement of Intent"?

- A Statement of Intent is a short, 2-3 sentences informal letter, where you announce to the OECD your intention to enter the competition. Your idea doesn't have to be a finished product at this time. The statement helps us see that you're committed, and from there we can help with finding the right resources and mentors for your unique project. The sooner you submit it, the more we can help you!

I feel stuck in developing my idea, what do I do?

- This is what our mentorship program is for: when you've sent in the Statement of Intent, we will pair you up with one or a couple of mentors who can help guide you and your project to success! We have mentors who are excellent at writing proposals, making presentations, develop ideas, etc - as well as a vast network of specialized people at IU who can give you project specific advice. 

What do I need to include in the "Final Application"?

- The Final Application consists of your business proposal. For more information, attend one of our workshops or contact us for more information: jumpstar@indiana.edu

I need help with finalizing my business proposal, who can I turn to?

It's always a good idea to get in contact with your mentor, or send us an email at: jumpstar@indiana.edu. Don't hesitate to contact us!

2017 Competition Winners

The 2017 Innovation Competition was nothing short of spectacular. We were absolutely blown away by the entreprenurial thinking of the contestants. A special congratulations to our winners, Erik Franklin and Kylie Stultz Dessent and their project "The Indiana Clarinet Experience" and runner-up, June Lee and his project "Transcribe and Tell". To learn more about their projects as well as the projects of the other contestants, check out our press release










2017 Competition Judges 

The judges for the 2017 Competition were Lynn Coyne (President of the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation), Stephen Johnson (Winner of the 2016 Innovation Competition), Dr. Donald Kuratko (Jack M. Gill Chair of Entrepreneurship at the Kelley School of Business), Melissa Dickson (Director of Development at the Jacobs School of Music), Monika Herzig (Faculty member at SPEA and jazz pianist), and Greg Sandow (Consultant, composer, and writer). 


Our four previous Innovation Competition Winners

2014 - Virginia Woodwind Workshop

2015 - Butterfly Dreams

2016 - The Listener's Guide

2017 - The Indiana Clarinet Experience

> Kudos to the additional eight semi-finalists and finalists, who presented their very impressive ideas in the 2016 Competition.