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The Jacobs School is grateful for support and assistance from The Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Kelley School of Business.

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Project Jumpstart

Project Jumpstart empowers and supports entrepreneurial, innovative thought and action among Jacobs School of Music students as they prepare for a meaningful life in the arts.

We offer presentations, workshops, discussions, networking events, conferences, and publications on innovation and entreprenuership. Central to these initiatives are partnerships with student groups and ensembles, Jacobs School departments, the IU Bloomington community, as well as organizations and creative individuals in the City of Bloomington and beyond.

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Susan SwaneyEntrepreneur of the Month: Susan Swaney

Choral Conductor with a mission

March's Entrepreneur of the Month, Jacobs School of Music alumna Susan Swaney, is a choral conductor, music director, teacher, vocalist, and arts entrepreneur determined to make a change in the Bloomington community and the world through her art. 


Citizen ArtistMarch: The Citizen Artist

This month, we're focusing on what it means to be a Citizen Artist!

The Aspen Institute Arts Program has defined “Citizen Artists” as:

“Individuals who reimagine the traditional notions of art-making, and who contribute to society either through the transformative power of their artistic abilities, or through proactive social engagement with the arts in realms including education, community building, diplomacy and healthcare.”


Join us for the mini-conference on March 24, where we'll talk about social impact through creative programming, as well as how we can use our art for diplomacy and activism. 
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