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Violin Recital Repertoire Guidelines

Concentration Recital, undergraduate level: No specification
Concentration Recital, graduate level: No specification
Major Recital, junior and senior levels

During the course of the two required recitals, the programs should include at least one major concerto, at least one sonata with piano, and a least two contrasting movements from the Bach solo partitas and sonatas. The Bach movements and concerto should be performed from memory.

Major Recital, MM and PD

The recital should include at least two contrasting movements from a Bach solo sonata or partita and a major concerto (both above from memory). If the student received his/her undergraduate degree in violin performance from the Jacobs School of Music, the Bach solo works may be replaced on the recital by another equivalent solo work(s). Also on the recital should be a sonata with piano. Students are encouraged to include a contemporary work as part of their program.

PLEASE NOTE: The above repertoire obviously assumes that undergraduate recitals (both junior and senior), and graduate recitals (MM and PD) will be solo recitals. Duets (with or without piano) may be programmed on these recitals with the approval of the teacher. Works requiring more than two players (pianists as excepted) are not permitted. Exceptions to this rule must have the approval of a majority of the voting membership of the String Department.