Department of Woodwinds

Oboe Studio Courses

Oboe Studio Master Class

Studio Master Class meets every Thursday evening from 7:00-9:30pm. All oboe majors attend this class.  Taught largely by Professor Strommen, most of the semester is devoted to the Orchestral Repertoire Course system.  This system is a two year course on the common orchestral excerpts and repertoire.  Repertoire classes involve student presentation with coaching, along with assigned take-home quizzes and study notes.

Other Master Class topics include: Fundamentals of Playing, How to Prepare Etudes and Solo Repertoire, Preparing for a Successful Recital or Summer Festival Audition, Chamber Music and Solo Repertoire Coaching, as well as Orchestral Etiquette and Mental Health for the Oboist.

Guest Master Classes

Guest Master Classes occur approximately once a semester as part of regular studio master class or as a separate presentation.  Past guests include: Ray Still, John Ferrillo, Mark Fink, Daniel Stolper, Mark Ostoich and others, as well as Washington McClain, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music, on Baroque and Classical Performance Practice.

Reed Classes

While offered as a course, all students are required to attend weekly reed classes taught by their teacher.  At the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters Ms. Strommen teaches foundational reed classes in which all students are in attendance. These include: Cane Preparation and Gouging, Knife Sharpening, and the a two-part class on making the reed from start to finish.

English Horn Master Class

Taught by Professor Roe, this class meets on alternating Mondays from 7:30-8:30pm.  It is divided into two course levels.  Graduate students and those entering their junior year enroll in this course.

Etude Class

Taught by Professor Strommen, this class meets on Mondays from 6:30-7:30pm. It covers etudes primarily from the Barret and Ferling Books.

Auditions Class

This class is offered by Professor Strommen in the Spring semester.  Permission is needed to register for this course, as it is generally open only to graduate students.  Topics include resume writing, audition preparation, and mock auditions.

Rotational Courses

Courses taught by Professor Strommen on a rotational basis (largely based on student interest) include: Pedagogy and Solo Repertoire Classes.

Associate Instructor Courses

The studio employs two graduate assistants, known as Associate Instructors. They are available to students for assistance with reeds, repertoire coaching, instrument repair, as well as overseeing studio organization.

Ensemble and Chamber Music Opportunities

The Jacobs School of Music offers a wide variety of ensembles for all levels and interests.  With the exception of doctoral students, all students are required to enroll in an ensemble during each semester of study.  Chamber music requirements vary by degree.


The JSOM has four large orchestras, one chamber orchestra and Baroque/Classical Orchestra on period instruments.  In addition to two-four concerts a semester, each of the large orchestras performs one opera or ballet per semester.  There are a variety of ad hoc orchestras conducted by graduate conducting students for extra playing experience.


There are three bands offered for music students.  They perform a large range of works, from full band to large chamber ensembles.  The IU Wind Ensemble frequently tours to perform at prominent music conferences

Other Ensembles

New Music Ensemble performs compositions largely written within the last 20 years and gives three concerts during the semester.

Chamber Music

Chamber groups are organized by students ranging from two-eight players of varying combinations and are coached by a faculty member during the semester.  There are also many performance opportunities for chamber music, organized both by professors and students.