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Secondary Voice: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request a particular teacher?

Please send teacher requests to the AI Coordinator at secvoice@indiana.edu. The Coordinator will make every effort to see that your request is honored.

When can I find out who my teacher is for the semester?

Private teacher assignments are posted outside MU105 Thursday during the first week of classes. It is your responsibility to get in touch with your instructor as soon as possible during the first week of classes to ensure that you get all of your lessons for the semester.

How do I arrange my lesson time?

Lesson times are arranged individually with your assigned teacher during the first week of classes. Lessons typically take place between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please keep in mind that the AIs have many responsibilities that restrict their schedules. Flexibility is essential!

How can I reserve a practice room and time?

Practice rooms may be reserved on-line by clicking this link.

What are my responsibilities as a student and how can I prepare for the semester?

Please review the syllabus. We hope that private voice lessons will be fun for you, but a certain amount of structure is necessary. Requirements vary slightly with each instructor, and it is the instructor's responsibility to make sure you fully understand them. No preparation is required before the start of the semester, but basic music reading skills are necessary.

When do lessons begin and how many will I receive?

Lessons generally begin the second week of classes. You should receive thirteen lessons during the semester.

Are there additional fees for taking Secondary Voice?

A  music performance study fee will appear on your Bursar bill when you register for this course. This fee pays your teacher's stipend. For more information, consult the Undergraduate Music Office in Merrill Hall.

Do I really need to provide an accompanist for my lessons?

The syllabus requires you to supply a pianist for part or all of your lessons. Working with a pianist is an important part of your voice lesson. It allows your teacher to devote more attention to your singing, improves your musicianship, and helps you prepare for your final jury. Please consult your teacher to secure an accompanist or look for flyers throughout the JSoM advertising accompanying services. Please do not consult the Secondary Voice Coordinator to request a V100 / V700 / Z110 / Z710 accompanist.

How am I graded for the semester?

Please review the syllabus. Generally speaking, you will be graded based on attendance, preparation for lessons, and a jury performance at the end of the semester for your teacher and his or her sponsoring teacher. Juries take place during the last week of classes and comprise 50% of your grade for the semester. Your teacher determines the rest of your final grade. Requirements vary slightly with each instructor, and it is the instructor's responsibility to make sure you fully understand them.

What if I have a problem during the semester that neither my teacher nor I can fix?

Please contact Lesley Friend Secondary Voice Coordinator, if you need assistance in any matter concerning Secondary Voice.