Department of Strings

DM Entrance Hearings

1. Any student wishing to enter the DM program on violin, viola, cello, or double bass, must do so through a live audition and apply formally through the JSoM Admissions and Financial aid office; this includes current and continuing students of the JSoM, and students from outside the JSoM.

2. If a current student wishes to be considered for Fall admission to the DM and has a recital during the preceding Spring semester, then that student must play his/her recital hearing before spring break in order to be considered for the DM program and financial aid. This hearing, then, becomes the DM Entrance Hearing.

3. If, for some reason, a currently enrolled student does not have a recital during the academic year and wishes to enter the DM program, then he/she must play a hearing comparable to the audition required of students from outside the JSoM who wish to enter the DM program, and, in either case, both category of student (either in-house or outside the JSoM) must do so before spring break. Whether for currently enrolled JSoM students, or students outside the JSoM, the DM entrance hearing panel will consist of five string faculty.

4. All DM Entrance Hearings will last twenty minutes and include material from a prepared full-length program. This repertoire need not necessarily conform to the audition repertory for the DM Entrance Audition for students outside the JSoM; however, in order to receive appropriate consideration for admission and financial aid, it is the students' responsibility to ensure that the music chosen adequately demonstrates the same type of instrumental and artistic mastery as the required audition material currently required for outside DM applicants.

5. Whether the hearing is for a currently enrolled student wishing to enter the DM program, or for an outside candidate wishing to enter the DM program, the candidate must pass by a vote of at least three affirmatives. If the student is from within the JSoM, the teacher's vote is counted in the vote of the hearing panel.