Composition Department

Binding Machine Information

Binding Machine Access 

The PED (Performing Ensembles Division) of the Music Library kindly makes three binding machines available for use by composers. Please note that the tape binder and new coil binder are UNAVAILABLE during hours PED is closed – do not ask a librarian to give your access to PED during closed times. Please be sure to always treat all library personnel respectfully to ensure continued access. 

PED hours are posted at 1) the PED’s circulation desk in the library, 2) the first door you walk through to get to our back office, and 3) the workroom door.

Coil Binders (good for scores)

The older one is located in the work space immediately through the PED door; this machine is available during library hours. The newer machine and coils, however, are only available during PED hours.  If you have your own coils, you can use the older machine at times PED is closed.

Tape Binder (good for parts)

Located inside the PED workroom, this machine is ONLY available during hours PED is open, typically 9-5 weekdays.  Tape is available from PED staff.

Large Stapler

Located at Music Library Reference Desk.


1. At no time should students request that library staff open up PED for private access during non-PED hours, like on the weekend.

2. If you have a large job to do, such as tape-binding a set of parts, it is best to set up an appointment for use of the tape binder well ahead of time by emailing

3. Do not go into the library right before closing time and expect to be given priority access to and assistance with the binding machines.