Trombone Choir

Director Carl Lenthe

Trombone Choir Spring 2012

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The Sunday Bloomington Herald-Times stated:

"...Lenthe not only had put together an interesting and pleasant program, but he had molded the players into a unit, finalizing his tutelage with a conducting technique of clear signals...", "...a nicely realized concert.", "...the trombone as an instrument worthy of note.", "...expressive items swinging gingerly between old-fashioned and new-fangled musical styles, the program held points of interest.", "...resoundingly well-played.", "...the choir of trombones surprisingly approximated the qualities of human voices.", and "...a fun program."


                           The Indiana Daily Student wrote:

"...and already the idea of delighting peoples' ears was in place as the IU Trombone Choir under Director Carl Lenthe made the sounds with their wonderful brass."

Trombone Choir Fall 2009 Chimes


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Trombone Choir Spring 2009

   Chimes of Christmas 2017

Trombone Choir 'Dee Day' 10/8/2005



                Performance Chronicle

3/2/18 Audition Eve III
11/2/17 Auer Hall performance
3/3/17 Audition Eve III
11/10/16 Recital Hall performance
3/4/16 Audition Eve III
11/5/15 Recital Hall performance
3/6/15 Audition Eve III
2/28/15 Asbury United Methodist Church Concert, Columbus, IN
12/6/14 IU Auditorium Chimes of Christmas
11/6/14 Auer Hall Recital
3/7/14 Audition Eve III
11/3/13 Recital Hall performance
3/1/13 Audition Eve
11/1/12 Auer Hall Recital
4/17/12 Composition Recital
3/2/12 Audition Eve III
11/13/11 Concert in Recital Hall
3/4/11 Audition Eve III - Faculty soloists
12/8/10 Chimes of Christmas (IU Auditorium)
12/6/10 452 Chimes
10/14/10 Ford Hall Concert - All Mozart
3/5/10 Audition Eve 3
1/15/10 Audition Eve 1
12/9/09 Chimes of Christmas (IU Auditorium)
11/5/09 Recital Hall Concert - All Brahms
3/6/09 Audition Eve III - All Bach
12/10/08 Chimes of Christmas (IU Auditorium)
12/8/08 452 Chimes
2/29/08 Audition Eve III
2/1/08 Audition Eve II
12/5/07 Chimes of Christmas (IU Auditorium)
12/3/07 452 Chimes
11/3/07 TAAF Event
10/31/07 Emeriti House Concert
10/25/07 Auer Hall Concert
10/25/07 Concert in Auer Hall

Recording session

 3/4/07   CCMA Concert - Fee Lane
 3/2/07   "Audition Eve" - Auer Hall
 2/19/07   Recording Session - Auer Hall
 2/2/07   "Audition Eve" - Auer Hall
 12/6/06   Chimes of Christmas - IU Auditorium
 12/4/06   "452 Chimes"
 10/26/06   Concert in Auer Hall
 3/3/06   "Audition Eve" - Auer Hall
 12/7/05   Chimes of Christmas - IU Auditorium
 12/5/05   "452 Chimes"
 10/9/05   Concert at Butler University
 10/1/05   "Dee Day" Concert in AH
 4/7/05   Recording Session
 2/4/05   Audition Eve concert in AH
12/8/04   Chimes of Christmas - IU Auditorium 
10/31/04   Concert in Auer Hall
 Music of Tommy Pederson
4/8/04   Trombones & Trumpets
   in Recital Hall
3/5/04   "IU Trombones Perform" - Auer Hall
12/13/03     IU Trombones Recital - Auer Hall
12/10/03   Chimes of Christmas - IU Auditorium 
12/8/03   Season Serenade - MA452
3/9/03   Founder's Day - Assembly Hall
12/11/02   Chimes of Christmas - IU Auditorium
11/7/02   Concert in Auer Hall
10/26/02   Bloomington Pops Benefit Gala 
   in the Buskirk-Chumley Theatre  
7/24/02   Trombones by the Fountain
3/3/02   Concert in Recital Hall
3/3/02   Founders Day in Assembly Hall
4/17/02   Trombone by the Fountain
12/5/01   Chimes of Christmas - IU Auditorium  
10/23/01   Concert in Ford Hall
9/14/01   9/11 Service - IU Auditorium 
7/18/01   Trombones by the Fountain
4/13/01   Trombones by the Fountain
4/12/01   Concert in Recital Hall
12/6/00   Chimes of Christmas IU Auditorium
12/2/00   Concert at Rose-Hulman Institute
10/26/00   Concert in Auer Hall
July 2000   Trombones by the Fountain
April 2000   Trombones by the Fountain
April 2000   Concert Percussion Ensemble, AH  
April 2000   Memorial Service for Herman B Wells 
Dec. 1999   Chimes of Christmas - IU Auditorium
Nov. 1999   Recording sessions in Auer Hall
July 1999    Trombones by the Fountain 
April 1999   Concert in Auer Hall
Dec. 1998   Practice film project at WTIU  
Dec. 1998   Chimes of Christmas - MAC

Trombone Choir Sounds

Trombone Choir Sounds

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas - Up On The Housetop

[Arr. Al Cobine]

Recorded April 2007 in Auer Hall

This and other arrangements from Al Cobine

are available at


[Allen Chase, b. 1926] 

Recorded April 2007 in recording lab MA452

Canzon Septimi Toni No. 2 
[Giovanni Gabrieli 1557-1612, Arr. Leno]


As performed live at Butler University, 10/9/05

Adagio, opus 11
[Samuel Barber 1910-1981, Arr. DePaolo]

As performed live at Butler University, 10/9/05

Ave Maria (Angelus Domini)
[Franz Biebl 1906-2001, Arr. Whitaker]

Interested in this arrangement?  Please contact Dr. Whitaker

Tower Music
[Vaclav Nelhybel, 1919-1996]

Live dress rehearsal run-through, February 2005 in MA452

Let there be Peace on Earth 
[Miller/Jackson, arr. Cobine]

Live dress rehearsal run-through, October 2001 in Ford Hall

This and other arrangements from Al Cobine are available at

Prelude to Act III of Meistersinger
[Richard Wagner, 1813-1883]

This recording of Carl Lenthe's arrangement was part of the Fall99 recording project.  Interested in the arrangement? Please contact Carl Lenthe

Verbum caro factum est (1622)
[Henricus Bekiniker]

This recording was part of theFall99 Recording Project.

They are There! 
[Charles Ives, 1874-1954]

A live recording from the October 26, 2000 concert at Auer Hall. The arrangement was done by ensemble member Matt Calvert.

The Star Spangled Banner

This arrangement for 8 trombones by Carl Lenthe is presented here in a live recording from Fall 2000.  Interested in the arrangement?

Please contact Carl Lenthe