Trombone Area

Support and Encourage Us!

There are various ways you can support and encourage Jacobs School of Music trombonists. 

Your visit to our Web pages is a great start. Click around the various pages, listen to the sound files, check out the studio pages, use the resources, and tell your trombone-interested friends about the site.

Attend our events; we would love to play for you and your friends! The most important part of music is an appreciateive audience. Take the opportunity to say hello to us when you attend. We would love to answer questions or just get to know you. Trombone players are harmony people, and that goes beyond music.

You can help us by contributing to the Trombone Artistic Activities Fund (TAAF). The TAAF was founded in the festivities surrounding Professor Stewart's 70th birthday celebration in October 2005 and is managed by the Indiana University Foundation. Your contribution will help further the stated goals of the TAAF, namely to help enable activities designed to promote and enhance the tradition of excellence in trombone pedagogy and performance at the Jacobs School of Music. For further information on this endowed fund, please contact the Trombone Faculty or Melissa Dickson in the Jacobs School of Music Office of Development (812-855-4656).