Musicology Department


Musicology Department Colloquium Series

Fridays, 12:30-1:30 PM, M267

Spring 2016
  • January 15: Massimo Ossi, "Madrigals in their Place: Intertextuality in Italian Madrigal Books"

  • January 22: No colloquium

  • January 29: Hyun Joo Kim, "Interpretive Fidelity to Gypsy Creativity: Liszt's Representations of Hungarian-Gypsy Cimbalom Playing"

  • February 5: Phil Ford, "Practice and the Self: Findings from the M. C. Richards Papers"

  • February 12: Elizabeth Stoner, "'Technology Graced with Humanity': Ivor Darreg's Megalyra"

  • February 19: Christine Kyprianides, "Music and Politics on the London Stage: St Martin's Hall, 1850-1867"

  • February 26: Molly Ryan, "Music, Spirituality, and Reform after the Sack of Rome"

  • March 4: J. Peter Burkholder, "From Improvisation to Symphony: Charles Ives as Organist and Composer"

  • March 11 (Society for American Music in Boston): No colloquium (Musicology Department Lecture Series)

  • March 18 (Spring Break): No colloquium

  • March 25: Professional Development Event: "The Faculty Hiring Process: How It Works and How You Work It"

  • April 1: Jillian Rogers, "'Si douce et si cruelle': The Paradox and Persistence of Corporeal Memory in Nadia Boulanger's Work of Mourning"

  • April 8: No colloquium (Musicology Department Lecture Series)

  • April 15: Mollie Ables, "Giovanni Legrenzi and the Chiesa Santa Maria della Fava in Venice"

  • April 22: Katie Chapman, "Crusaders or Invaders?: Troubadour Song and the Albigensian Crusade"

  • April 29: Daniel Rogers, "A Reevaluation of Musical Imitatio in the Late Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries"

Fall 2015
  • August 28: No colloquium

  • September 4: Ayana O. Smith, "Specularity, or, What a Comet, the Telescope, and Mirrors Have to Do with Seventeenth-Century Italian Opera"

  • September 11: Judah Cohen, "Can a Cantor Do a Wedding?: Debates Over the Legal Status of American Jewish Musical Clergy, 1924-1964"

  • September 18: Virginia Whealton, "Imagining a Nationalist Future through Polish Music: Franz Liszt's F. Chopin"

  • September 25: Giuliano Di Bacco, "Philipoctus de Caserta: The Authority of a Myth"

  • October 2: Elizabeth Elmi, "Poetry and Song in Aragonese Naples: Written Traces of an Oral Practice"

  • October 9: No colloquium (Fall Break)

  • October 16: Giovanni Zanovello, "'You Will Take This Sacred Book': The Musical Strambotto as a Humanistic Gift"

  • October 23: Alison Mero, "'Genius, Power, and Originality' or 'Stolen Wholesale': The Concepts of Originality and Plagiarism in the Criticism of Two English Romantic Operas"

  • October 30: Claudio Vellutini, "Donizetti and Viennese Cosmopolitanism"

  • November 6: No colloquium (CMS in Indianapolis)

  • November 13: No colloquium (AMS in Louisville)

  • November 20: Kate Altizer, "An Ethics of Musical Attention: Toward a Philosophy of Interspecies Musicking"

  • November 27: No colloquium (Thanksgiving Break)

  • December 4: Daniel R. Melamed, "Two Sanctus Settings by Johann Christoph Altnickol" (SEM in Austin, Texas)

  • December 11: No colloquium

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