Guillermo Espinosa in Europe





Espinosa in the Americas

At the end of 1920s Guillermo Espinosa studied at the Conservatory Giuseppe Verdi in Milano, Italy.  Espinosa lived in Europe until 1932; the same year he co-conducted the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra in a concert that included works by Latin American composers. Espinosa also studied at the Hochschule fur Musik in Berlin, and in Switzerland under Felix Weingartner. The main documentation for this period consists of newspaper clippings and programs, found in some of the 12 scrapbooks which form an important part of the collection. These books also contain other items relevant to this period such as pictures of performers, composers, and other people related to Espinosa’s career in Europe.  Some of the links on the map show samples of items and records in connection to important events in Espinosa’s life.


Between 1931 and 1932 Guillermo Espinosa took part in three important events for Latin American music. First, he participated in a five-concert celebration in Berlin of the creation of the German Latin American Music Union. Second, in 1932 he conducted the music in a ceremony celebrating "El Dia de la Raza." This same year he also co-conducted the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra in a German-Ibero-American concert. Our collection contains items relating these events, such as newspaper clippings that announce, commentor review the events, promotional materials such as flyers or posters of Espinosa's conducting activities in Germany. Below you can find images of three items contained in the collection.