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Current Faculty

2018 faculty

from left-right: David Woodley, Rodney Dorsey, Eric Smedley, Jason Nam

David C. Woodley (since 1993)

Rodney C. Dorsey (since 2018)

Eric M. Smedley (since 2011)

Jason H. Nam (since 2015)
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Former Directors of Bands

Archie Warner, 1916-1925

University Band transferred to the Military Department in 1925
Department of Bands organized separately from the Military Department in 1948
School of Music Department since 1951

Daniel L. Martino Daniel L. Martino,1948-1953

Kenneth O. Snapp (Visiting), 1953-1954

Michael W. Bowles (Visiting), 1954-1956

Ronald Gregory Ronald D. Gregory, 1956-1966

Fred Ebbs Frederick C. Ebbs, 1967-1982

Ray E. Cramer Ray E. Cramer, 1982-2005

Stephen W Pratt Stephen W. Pratt, 2005-2018
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Former Assistant Directors of Bands (officially appointed, since 1967)

Robert Glidden, 1967-1969
Later Professor of Music at the University of Oklahoma, Dean of the College of Musical Arts at Bowling Green State University, Dean of the School of Music and then provost and vice president for academic affairs at Florida State University and President of Ohio University 

Wilber T. England, 1969-1985
Later Associate Professor of Music at IU School of Music until retirement.

Joseph Hermann, 1986-1987
Later Associate Director of Bands at the University of Arizona and now Director of Bands at Tennessee Tech University 

L. Kevin Kastens, 1986-1992
Later Associate Director of Bands at the University of Missouri-Columbia and now Associate Director of Bands and Director of the Hawkeye Marching Band at the University of Iowa. 

Douglas Stotter, 1998-2005
Director of Bands at University of Texas at Arlington 

Scott Weiss, 2005-2007
Director of Bands at the University of Kansas and then Director of Bands at the University of South Carolina 

Paul Popiel, 2006-2010
Director of Bands at the University of Kansas 

Jeffrey Gershman, 2008-2014
Associate Professor of Music and Director of the Wind Ensemble at Capital University
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Visiting Assistant director of Bands appointments since 1967

Brian K. Doyle (2005-2006) currently Director of Bands at SUNY Potsdam, the Crane School of Music

Matthew O. Smith (2010-2011) currently Associate Director of Bands at the University of Kansas

Patrick F. Casey (2007-2008) currently Coordinator of Music Education at Newberry College
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