Guitar Academy

Flamenco guitar

Meet once a week and learn to play the flamenco guitar in a group setting. Class packages are 8 weeks for $144 or 16 weeks for $288.

Available classes are:

  •  Flamenco Guitar Level 1—No previous experience required.
  • Flamenco Guitar Level 2—Prerequisite: Flamenco Guitar Level 1 or basic screening required.
Two students during their guitar class.

Guitar ensemble

Meet once a week with fellow guitar enthusiasts to learn to play as an ensemble. Class packages are 8 weeks for $104 or 16 weeks for $208.

Individual lessons

Meet one-on-one with an instructor to meet your individual goals. Each lesson is 60 minutes, and packages must be used within one year of registration.

Fees are:

  • 2 lessons—$86
  • 4 lessons—$168
  • 8 lessons—$324
  • 12 lessons—$480
  • 16 lessons—$632
Guitar teacher interacting with student during the Guitar Festival.

Start your musical journey

Adult guitar registration is available for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. You can register for a single semester or an entire academic year.

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