Edward Auer Winter Piano Workshop

Prepare to do your best during audition season

Level up your skills just in time for your entrance auditions, at the Edward Auer Winter Piano Workshop. 

Specially tailored to prepare you for the auditioning experience, the workshop gives you the opportunity to meet and study with professors from a number of top music schools and conservatories. You’ll take one master class by each professor, get two individual lessons, and experience a mock audition where you will receive comments and feedback.

Check back soon for workshop dates and audition deadlines.

2020-21 Online Winter Workshop

December 16–January 17

The participant fee: $650 for early registration: December 4
The participant fee: $700 for registration: December 11
Auditor’s fee: $200.

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2021 EA Online Winter Workshop:

The Pandemic has reordered our possibilities, mostly for the worse. However, since our professors will not physically be in Bloomington, we are able to extend the time period of the Workshop for our students’ benefit. 

2021 EA Online Winter Workshop Professors:

Edward Auer, Indiana University
Junghwa Moon Auer, Roosevelt University
Jerome Lowenthal, The Juilliard School
Kevin Kenner, University of Miami
Christopher Harding, University of Michigan
Michael Chertock, College Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati
Emile Naoumoff, Indiana University

The last two weeks of December of 2020

  • Each Participant will have two individual (or private) lessons with two of the workshop guest teachers.
  • There will be one group session with the recording producer to learn how to make better recordings for Auditions.
  • There will be a few group meetings with Workshop faculty centering on how to perform well in the audition situation.

January 6, 7, 8

  • Each Participant will have one Master Class with one of the workshop guest faculty members. Participants and auditors will join the class for the master classes.

January 10, 16, 17

  • Each Participant will have one Mock Audition with four different Workshop professors: Each participant will play for the guest professors about 10-15 minutes and will receive verbal and written comments from each of them.

After the mock auditions

  • Each participant will arrange a meeting with Joe Patrych, the recording producer, to refine and enhance the audition recordings. This will not be for any note to note editing but for overall sound quality improvement.
    For more information, please contact musicsp@indiana.edu.

How to apply

The workshop is limited to 30 attendees ages 18 and over. To apply, you must send a 15-minute recording (Online links only) of any repertoire by the deadline.

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Note: You do not need an audition recording if you’ve played for Edward Auer or have participated in the Auer Workshop in the past as a student or faculty member.