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The correspondence in the collection is comprised of material from a long period of Espinosa’s life, and extends more than a decade after his death, with communications of friends of the family to Guillermo Espinosa’s widow: Lucille. Among the composers who maintained correspondence with Espinosa are Roberto Caamano, Carlos Chavez, Aaron Copland, Roque Cordero, Alberto Ginastera, Marlos Nobre, Joaquin Rodrigo, Juan Orrego-Salas, Guido Santorsola, and Aurelio de la Vega. Less significant is the presence of letters from performers, but there are communications from Joao Carlos Martins, Caio Pagano, and H. Szeryng. There is also correspondence of musicologists such as Robert Stevenson, and Francisco Curt Lange, as well as letters from music critics such as Irving Lowens  and Paul Hume. The collection also includes letters from diplomats such as Galo Plaza (Secretary General of the OAS), and Hernan Gaviria Velez, as well as communications from presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan.

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