Jona Kerr

American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and Heath Coach.

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Classically Trained Fitness and Wellness

Jona Kerr with student

Led by Jona Beczkiewicz Kerr

A musician’s body requires the same attention and care that elite athletes need to achieve the highest levels of consistency and quality in their performance.

Classically Trained Fitness, in partnership with Project Jumpstart, provides the students of the Jacobs School of Music specific training to reduce repetitive stress and help prevent performance related injuries by focusing on corrective posture, core strength and general fitness, specific to the needs of the performing musician.

The mission of "Classically Trained Fitness" is to provide musicians a comprehensive program of preventative and corrective exercise, allowing them to reach their maximum potential, increase career longevity, gain strength, and ultimately perform injury-free.


Complimentary student classes in the MAC Greenroom Mondays–Thursdays throughout the school year! This is not a registered course and it doesn't cost anything.

  • A Comprenensive System of corrective exercises including ELDOA
  • A Focus on postural alignment 
  • Core strength training to promote injury prevention 
  • A forum to discuss and ask questions about health and fitness as it relates to music performance
  • Complete fitness, including strength training, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and general wellness


ELDOA, (Etirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Osteo-Articulaire), is a series of exercises developed by Guy Voyer, D.O. The ELDOA are precise movements that place the fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments of a vertebral pair or joint in the exact position to open/de-coapt specific spinal or joint segments.

This revolutionary strengthening/stretching system is for EVERYONE, and the benefits of regular ELDOA practice are unlike anything that exists and will change all aspects of how you move and feel, improving performance and joint mobility by fixing problems at their source.

The classes are in small groups to help JSoM students discover the best exercises and wellness plan to make them the fittest and healthiest musician out there. All major aspects of fitness and wellness are explored, ranging from generalized cardio exercises, core development, and flexibility, to specific corrective exercises and repetitive stress prevention. The information also focuses on the importance of good nutrition, quality rest and any other questions about health and wellness students may have. 


• Mondays – 6:15 pm ZUMBA!/Yoga
• Tuesdays – 6:15 pm ELDOA
• Wednesdays – 5:30 pm ZUMBA!/Yoga
• Thursdays – 6:15 pm ELDOA

Please Note: During opera and ballet production weeks we meet in the Mezzanine above the MAC Lobby

Classically Trained FitnessAll services are facilitated by highly trained fitness specialists, and are in collaboration with physicians and elite professional musicians.


Visit Classically Trained Fitness and Wellness on the web for sign-up information and current schedules: www.MusiciansAreAthletes.com and www.signupgenius.com/go/jsofm or contact: Jona Kerr at jonafit@gmail.com to join our mailing list.