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2016-2017 Auditions 

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the 2016-2017 Singing Hoosiers!  Auditions for singers and instrumentalists interested in playing in the Singing Hoosiers Band and SH Horns will take place between August 17-19, 2016.  Callbacks will be held August 20, 2016.

A fun optional informational meeting lead by our student leaders will take place on Wednesday, August 17th at 8:30pm in MA404!

Audition sign ups are managed through Canvas.  This requires an IU student username and passphrase.  By clicking “Enroll,” students are NOT registering for any class or credits through Indiana University.  Students should only register to receive credit after successfully completing their audition and being admitted into the ensemble. 

Click here to access the Singing Hoosiers Audition Site 

Singing Hoosiers 2016 Audition Form (Hand in at time of audition)

Singing Hoosiers 2016 Instrumental Audition Form (Hand in at time of audition)

If you have any questions about the auditions, feel free to contact the Singing Hoosiers Student Co-Manager, Brandon Porter at: 


The Vocal Audition Will Include:

1. The performance of one or two prepared pieces of your choice in a style which best shows off your voice, and makes you most comfortable. Ideally your selections should be in the pop, Broadway, jazz, or Great American Songbook genres, but you should perform what you know and can do best (holiday carols and patriotic songs are acceptable as a last choice!)

2. Sight reading a simple line of music. You will be given a few seconds to look over the excerpt and the starting pitch. 

We will provide a very talented accompanist to play piano for your audition but you may also: 

1. bring an accompanist

2. accompany yourself

3. bring a pre-recorded CD/MP3

4. sing a capella (this should be your last choice)


The Instrumental Audition (piano, bass, drums, trumpet, trombone, sax) Will Include:

1. The performance of one or two prepared pieces of your choice in a style that best shows off your instrument, and makes you most comfortable. Ideally your selections should be in the pop, Broadway, jazz, or Great American Songbook genres, but you should perform what you know and can do best. Please be prepared with the strongest section of your piece(s) if we are not able to hear full selections. If you have improvisational skills, we would like to hear that as well.

2. Sight reading - we may provide an accompanist to play piano with you on a chart we will provide for you as sight reading for your audition if appropriate.



What time does Singing Hoosiers rehearse? 

The ensemble rehearses Monday-Friday from 3:35-4:40 in MA 452.

Do I need to audition separately for The Singing Hoosiers and Vocal Jazz Ensembles?

Yes, the Singing Hoosiers and Vocal Jazz Ensembles are separate ensembles, and they rehearse at separate times, and you must register for each ensemble separately (although the credits are FREE!). It is possible for students to sing in Singing Hoosiers AND one of our Vocal Jazz Ensembles, but they involve two separate auditions.

Do I need to do audition separately for the  Singing Hoosiers, and opera choruses and the concert choirs?

Yes, however you only need to do one audition for our concert choirs (separate from your Singing Hoosiers audition). One audition will suffice to be considered for participation in all concert choirs and opera choruses. The Singing Hoosiers and Vocal Jazz Ensembles require separate auditions. Important note: Only singers who are Vocal Jazz Majors may use X70 Vocal Jazz Ensemble to fulfill their ensemble requirement. All other music majors who are accepted into the Vocal Jazz Ensemble are still required to participate in the Oratorio Chorus or an opera chorus and will register in X70 twice (once for the ensemble that is counting towards the degree and once for Vocal Jazz Ensemble).

Who needs a choral placement audition?

Participation in Singing Hoosiers and Vocal Jazz Ensembles is open to any Indiana University student, by audition. If you are not a music major, it is an elective course. You must register, but it is a FREE credit!  If you are a music major, then you are required to be in a concert choir or Singing Hoosiers.

All students in the Jacobs School of Music participate in an ensemble each semester of enrollment. The exceptions are students enrolled in most doctoral degree programs and some master’s students who have successfully completed four semesters of fall and spring X70 ensemble.

Undergraduate and graduate master’s students who are not registered for an orchestra, band, piano accompanying or early music ensemble are required to audition for choral ensemble placement.

What are the Varsity Singers?

The Varsity Singers are members within the Singing Hoosiers who elect to perform specialized advanced dancing and choreography. Dance auditions for interested students are held a few weeks after classes resume in August. If selected, additional rehearsal time is required on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:40-6:00 and on Sundays 1-3pm. Members receive an additional free academic credit for their participation. For more information on Varsity Singers, contact current Varsity Choreographer Kevin Rudzinski at: