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Graduates of the Ph.D. Program and Their Dissertations

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  • Bishop, Daniel (2016)
    Sounding the Past in the New Hollywood Cinema
  • Kim, Hyun Joo (2015)
    The Dynamics of Fidelity and Creativity: Liszt's Reworkings of Orchestral and Gypsy-Band Music
  • Blackburn, Tong (2015)
    In Search of Third Space: Composing the Transcultural Experience in the Operas of Bright Sheng, Tan Dun, and Zhou Long
  • Taylor, Nik (2014)
    The Published Church Cantatas of Georg Philipp Telemann
  • Strandberg, Kristen (2014)
    Art or Artifice?: Violin Virtuosity and Aesthetics in Parisian Criticism, 1831-1848
  • Stauff, Derek (2014)
    Lutheran Music and Politics in Saxony during the Thirty Years' War
  • Mero, Alison (2014)
    The Quest for National Musical Identity: English Opera and the Press, 1834-1849
  • Cooper Vest, Lisa (2014)
    The Discursive Foundations of the Polish Musical Avant-Garde at Midcentury: Aesthetics of Progress, Meaning, and National Identity
  • Yeager, Travis (2014)
    Questiones in musica: A Critical Edition, Translation, and Commentary
  • Yaeger, Jonathan (2013)
    The Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra in East Germany, 1970-1990
  • Holmes, Christopher (2013)
    "History is Now:" T.S. Eliot's Idea of Tradition in the Music of Peter Maxwell Davies
  • Sewell, Amanda (2013)
    A Typology of Sampling in Hip-Hop
  • Hara, Kunio (2012)
    Staging Nostalgia in Puccini's Operas
  • Bishop, Sherri (2012)
    Authorship, Attribution, and Advertising in Venetial Madrigal Prints, 1538-1580
  • White, Kathryn (2012)
    George Whitefield Chadwick and the American Vernacular in His Chamber Works
  • Baber, Katherine (2011)
    Leonard Bernstein's Jazz:  "Musical Topic and Cultural Resonance"
  • Asai, Rika (2011)
    The Josef Bonime Collection of Radio Music: Music and Advertising in the Golden Age of Radio
  • White, Alisa (2011)
    "No Room for Squares": The Hip and Modern Image of Blue Note Records, 1954-67
  • Goldberg, Randall (2011)
    Clerics and Cavaliers at the Dawn of Modern Music: The Zarlino-Galilei Dispute
  • Boey, Jir Shin (2010)
    Popular Music in the Culture of Ambivalence: The Search for Identity in the Sixteenth-Century Low Countries
  • Laycock, Gary (2010)
    Re-evaluating Olivier Messiaen's Musical Language from 1917 to 1935
  • Cox, Sam (2007)
    Paul Whiteman's Vision for a New American Music as Seen through His Composer Commissions
  • King, Jennifer L. (2007)
    The Proposta e risposta Madrigal, Dialogue, Cultural Discourse, and the Issue of Imitatio
  • Schimpf, Peter (2006)
    A Transcultural Student, Teacher, and Composer: Henry Cowell and the Music of the World's Peoples
  • Butler, Nicholas M. (2004)
    "Votaries of Apollo": The St. Cecilia Society and the Patronage of Concert Music in Charleston, South Carolina, 1766-1820
  • Felicia Miyakawa (2003)
    God Hop: The Music and Message of Five Percenter Rap
  • Patrick R. Warfield (2003)
    "Salesman of Americanism, Globetrotter, and Musician": The Nineteenth-Century John Philip Sousa, 1854-1893
  • Judith Barger (2002)
    "Ladies Not Eligible"?: Elizabeth Stirling and the Musical Life of Female Organists in Nineteenth-Century London
  • Lyle Neff (2002)
    Story, Style, and Structure in the Operas of César Cui
  • Daria A. Depa (2001)
    Wagner and Musikpolitik in the Weimar Republic: Re-appropriations and Re-evaluations
  • Fredrick A. Tarrant (2000)
    John Blow's Verse Anthems with Organ Accompaniment
  • Chris Smith (1999)
    "I can show it to you better than I can explain it to you": Analyzing Procedural Cues in African-American Musical Improvisations
  • Andreas Giger (1999)
    The Role of Giuseppe Verdi's French Operas in the Transformation of His Melodic Style
  • Jean Hoover (1999)
    Constructions of National Identities: Opera and Nationalism in the British Isles
  • René Mario Ramos (1997)
    The Symphonies of Gaetano Brunetti (ca. 1744-1798)
  • Susan E. Richardson (1997)
    Defining a Place for Composers: The Early Histories of the American Composers Alliance and American Music Center, 1937-1950
  • Nancy Kinsey Totten (1997)
    The English Victorian Drawing-Room Ballad: A Product of Its Time
  • Luminita Florea Aluas (1996)
    The Quatuor Principalia Musicae: A Critical Edition and Translation, with Introduction and Commentary
  • Mara Emily Parker (1995)
    Soloistic Chamber Music at the Court of Friedrich Wilhelm II: 1786-1797
  • Julie Schnepel (1995)
    The Critical Pursuit of the Great American Symphony: 1893-1950
  • Karen McGaha Bryan (1994)
    An Experiment in Form: The Reform Operas of Saverio Mercadante
  • Brian J. Hart (1994)
    The Symphony in Theory and Practice in France, 1900-1914
  • C. Matthew Balensuela (1993)
    The Ars cantus mensurabilis mensurata per modos iuris: (Coussemaker's Scriptores 3, Anonymous V): An Introduction, Critical Text, and English Translation with Commentary
  • Barbara Blanchard Hong (1992)
    The Five Piano Concertos of Selim Palmgren: A Finnish Nationalist Meets the Challenge of the Twentieth Century
  • James Cade Griesheimer (1990)
    The Antiphon-, Responsory-, and Psalm-Motets of Ludwig Senfl
  • Harold Briggs (1989)
    Richard Wagner and American Music-Literary Activity from 1850 to 1920
  • Claude K. Sluder (1987)
    Music in New Harmony, Indiana, 1825-1865: A Study of the Music and Musical Activities of Robert Owen's Community of Equality (1825-1827) and Its Cultural Afterglow (1827-1865)
  • Blake McDowell Wilson (1987)
    Music and Merchants: The Laudesi Companies of Republican Florence, ca. 1270-1494
  • Peter Marquis Alexander (1986)
    The Chamber Music of Franz Anton Danzi: Sources, Chronology, and Style
  • Paul W. Borg (1985)
    The Polyphonic Music in the Guatemalan Music Manuscripts of the Lilly Library
  • Fredric B. Johnson (1985)
    Tartini's Trattato di musica secondo la vera scienza dell'armonio: An Annotated Translation and Consideration of Its Historical Significance
  • Mary Sue Morrow (1984)
    Concert Life in Vienna, 1780-1810
  • Donald L. Caughill (1983)
    A History of Instrumental Chamber Music in the Netherlands during the Early Baroque Era
  • Mack Clay Lindsey III (1981)
    Klosterneuberg, Augustinerchorherrenstift, Codices 69 and 70:Two Sixteenth-Century Choirbooks, Their Music, and Its Liturgical Use
  • Vincent Justus Corrigan III (1980)
    The Style of the Notre Dame Conductus
  • Robert A. Green (1979)
    Annotated Translation and Commentary of the Works of Jean Rousseau: A Study of Late Seventeenth-Century Musical Thought and Performance Practice
  • Leonard M. Phillips (1979)
    The Leipzig Conservatory: 1843-1881
  • Carol Henry Bates (1978)
    The Instrumental Music of Elizabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre
  • Paul Wathen Cox (1978)
    Classic Guitar Technique and Its Evolution as Reflected in the Method Books ca. 1770-1850
  • Alan Lloyd Kagan (1978)
    Cantonese Puppet Theater: An Operatic Tradition and Its Role in the Chinese Religious Belief System
  • Laura Youens (1978)
    Music for the Lutheran Mass in Leipzig, Universitätsbibliothek, MS. Thomaskirche 49150
  • Terry E. Miller (1977)
    Kaen Playing and mawlum Singing in Northeast Thailand
  • Ronald F. Cole (1975)
    Music in Portland, Maine, from Colonial Times through the Nineteenth Century
  • Dewey Wayne Howard (1975)
    The Kauthuma, Ranayania, and Jaiminiya Schools of Samavedic Chant
  • Roy V. Magers (1975)
    Aspects of Form in the Symphonies of Charles E. Ives
  • Lawrence A. Oncley (1975)
    The Published Works of Alexander Zemlinsky
  • Richard James White (1975)
    The Battre Fascicle of the Trent Codex 87
  • Lee E. Eubank (1974)
    Spanish Intabulations in the Sixteenth Century
  • J. Evan Kreider (1974)
    The Masses for Five and Six Voices by Pierre de la Rue
  • Ronald L. Miller (1974)
    The Musical Works of Marbriano de Orto: Transcription and Commentary
  • David Clifford Nichols (1974)
    Francisco Delgado and Classicism in Mexican Music as Exhibited in the Missa a Quatro Voces
  • Hugh M. Birmingham (1973)
    Schedel's Song Book and Its Role in the Development of the German Tenor Song
  • Mary Matilda Gaume (1973)
    Ruth Crawford Seeger: Her Life and Works
  • Marlene Joan Langosch (1973)
    The Instrumental Chamber Music of Bernhard Heiden
  • Richard D. Leppert (1973)
    Musical Instruments and Performing Ensembles in Flemish Paintings of the Seventeenth Century
  • Robert Burgess Lynn (1973)
    Renaissance Organ Music for the Proper of the Mass in Continental Sources
  • Wilbur R. Maust (1973)
    The Symphonies of Anthony Philip Heinrich Based on American Themes
  • Michael D. Williams (1973)
    The Violin Concertos of Rodolphe Kreutzer
  • Nancy M. van Deusen (1972)
    An Historical and Stylistic Comparison between the Graduals of Gregorian and Old Roman Chant
  • Jerry Haller Etheridge (1972)
    The Works of Johannes de Limburgia
  • William R. Perryman (1972)
    Walter Damrosch: An Educational Force in American Music
  • John Edward Druesedow Jr. (1971)
    The Missarum Liber (1703) of José de Torres y Mart?nez Bravo (1665-1738)
  • Gordon Kay Greene (1971)
    The Secular Music of Chantilly Manuscript, Musée Condé 564 (olim 1047)
  • William Thomas Hopkins (1971)
    The Short Piano Compositions of Max Reger (1873-1916)
  • Joe Melvin Zimmerman (1971)
    The Psalm Settings and Anthems of William Child (1606-1697)
  • Harry Elzinga (1970)
    The Sacred Choral Compositions of Pavel Gregoryevich Chesnokov (1877-1944)
  • Donald E. Marcase (1970)
    Adriano Banchieri, L'organo suonarino: Translation, Transcription, and Commentary
  • William Richard Shindle (1970)
    The Madrigals of Giovanni de Macque
  • Milton Allen Swenson (1970)
    The Four-Part Italian Ensemble Ricercar from 1540 to 1619
  • Mildred Katherine Ellis (1969)
    The French Piano Character Piece of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
  • Robert Edward Gerken (1969)
    The Polyphonic Cycles of the Proper of the Mass in the Trent Codex 88 and Jena Choirbooks 30 and 35
  • John Waldorf Wagner (1969)
    James Hewitt: His Life and Works
  • Norman Kirt Nunamaker (1968)
    The Virtuoso Violin Concerto before Paganini: The Concertos of Lolli, Giornovicchi, and Woldemar (1750-1815)
  • David Alden Sheldon (1968)
    The Chamber Music of Johann Friedrich Fasch
  • Theodore McKinley Jennings Jr. (1967)
    A Study of 503 Versos in the First and Second Volumes of Antonio Martín y Coll's Flores de Musica
  • Donna Kay Anderson (1966)
    The Works of Charles Tomlinson Griffes: A Descriptive Catalogue
  • Robert Gordon Campbell (1966)
    Johann Gottfried Müthel, 1728-1788
  • Jean Elizabeth Knowlton (1966)
    Some Dances of the Stuart Masque Identified and Analyzed
  • Byron A. Wolverton (1966)
    Keyboard Music and Musicians in the Colonies and United States of America before 1830
  • Carl Reginald Morey (1965)
    The Late Operas of Alessandro Scarlatti
  • Jaroslav Mrácek (1965)
    Seventeenth-Century Instrumental Dances in Uppsala, University Library IMhs 409: A Transcription and Study
  • Donald D. Colton (1964)
    The Conducti of Ms. Madrid 20486
  • Carl Earl Forsberg (1964)
    The Clavier-Violin Sonatas of W. A. Mozart
  • Wyatt Marion Insko (1964)
    The Cracow Tablature
  • Clare Grill Rayner (1963)
    A Little-Known Seventeenth-Century Composer, Christopher Gibbons (1615-1676)
  • Helen Margaret Smith (1963)
    F. M. Veracini's Il Trionfo della prattica musicale
  • Samuel Emmons Brown Jr. (1962)
    The Motets of Ciconia, Dunstable, and Dufay
  • Barton Hudson (1961)
    A Portuguese Source of Seventeenth-Century Iberian Organ Music: MS 1577, loc. B, 5, Municipal Library, Oporto, Portugal
  • Hadley Yates (1961)
    A History of the Cadence in Polyphonic Vocal Music through the Fifteenth Century
  • Maurice Brooks Haynes (1960)
    The Keyboard Works of Bernardo Pasquini (1637-1710)
  • Edward Joseph Pease (1960)
    An Edition of the Pixérécourt Manuscript: Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds fr. 15123
  • John David Robinson (1959)
    The Vocal Canon of the Classical Era
  • Arnold Salop (1959)
    The Masses of Jacob Obrecht (1450-1505), Structure and Style
  • Dominique-René DeLerma (1958)
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The Works and Influences of His First Ten Years
  • Donald M. McCorkle (1958)
    Moravian Music in Salem: A German-American Heritage
  • Miriam Karpilow Whaples (1958)
    Exoticism in Dramatic Music, 1600-1800
  • Klaus Speer (1956)
    A Portuguese Manuscript of Keyboard Music from the Late Seventeenth Century: MS No. 1607, loc. G, 7, Municipal Library, Oporto, Portugal
  • Roy Hart Jesson (1955)
    Ambrosian Chant: The Music of the Mass
  • Mildred Jane Johnson (1955)
    The Motets of the Codex Ivrea
  • Carol Cook MacClintock (1955)
    The Five-Part Madrigals of Giaches de Wert
  • Frederick T. Wessel (1955)
    The Affektenlehre in the Eighteenth-Century
  • Paul Edward Mueller (1954)
    The Influence and Activities of English Musicians on the Continent during the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries
  • Bruno Nettl (1953)
    American Indian Music North of Mexico: Its Styles and Areas
  • Donald Ira Sonnedecker (1953)
    Cultivation and Concepts of Duets for Four Hands, One Keyboard, in the Eighteenth Century
  • Don Lee Earl (1952)
    The Solo Song-Cycle in Germany (1800-1850)
  • Joseph Nathan Garton (1952)
    The Thesaurus harmonicus of J. B. Besard 1603
  • John Reeves White (1952)
    Music of the Early ltalian Ars nova (ca. 1325-1375)

Recent Graduates of the Master's Program in Musicology

  • Mathew Leone, M.A. (2010)
  • Ryan Young, M.A. (2010

Recent Graduates of the Joint Master's Program in Musicology and Library Science

  • Matthew Feldman, M.A., M.L.S. (2011)
  • Megan Watson, M.A., M.L.S. (2011)
  • Pam Pagels, M.A., M.L.S. (2010)
  • Caitlin Hunter, M.A., M.L.S. (2008) 
  • Mona Seghatoleslami, M.A., M.L.S. (2007) 
  • Tracey Snyder, M.A., M.L.S. (2006)
  • Sara Beutter, M.A., M.L.S. (2005) 
  • Alisa Rata, M.A., M.L.S. (2003) 
  • Eytan Uslan, M.A., M.L.S. (2003) 
  • John Anderies, M.A., M.L.S. (2001)