Music Theory


Music Theory Colloquium Series (2017-18)

All events are on Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. in M 267 unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, August 30
Julian Hook (Indiana University), “Music as a Mathematician’s Playground”

Wednesday, September 6
Leah Frederick (Indiana University), “The Generic (Mod-7) Triad: Voice Leading and Transformations”

Wednesday, September 13
Kyle Adams (Indiana University), “Harmonic, Syntactic, and Motivic Parameters of Phrase in Hip-Hop”

Wednesday, September 27
Matthew Boyle (Indiana University), “Attending to Fragmented Serenade Topics”

Monday, October 9 (3.30 pm, M267)
John Covach (University of Rochester and Eastman School of Music), “Analyzing Texture in Rock Music: Stratification, Coordination, and Location”

Tuesday, October 10 (6.00 pm, Ford Hall)
John Covach (University of Rochester and Eastman School of Music), “On a Train At a Station: Sgt. Pepper and the Journey of Style”
(Five Friends Master Class Series Honoring Robert Samels)

Wednesday, October 18
Calvin Peck (Indiana University), “Rationalizing Hyperdissonance in a 12-Note Chord From 1794”

Wednesday, October 25
Nathan Lam (Indiana University), “Modal Spelled Pitch Classes”
Caleb Mutch (Indiana University), “The Triad in Dispute: Genre and Audience in the Writings of Johannes Lippius”

Wednesday, November 8
David Geary (Indiana University), “Creating and Analyzing Renaissance Canons Through Improvisation”

Wednesday, November 15
Lucy Liu (Indiana University), “Modular Discourse in the Scherzo of Brahms's Fourth Symphony”


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