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Our many successful alumni attest to the extraordinary environment we are proud to offer. The overwhelming majority of our graduates hold teaching and administrative positions in major research universities, liberal arts colleges, and schools of music. This page lists students who have completed the MM and PhD degrees in music theory at Indiana University, including dissertation titles for PhD recipients and last known location. The list is sorted by year the most recent degree was completed.

Alumni: please send updated information on yourself or others you know of to mustheor [at] indiana [dot] edu.

We also maintain a list of current graduate students.

For more information on dissertations, see Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology.

PhD Alumni

Name PhD Year MM Year Dissertation Title Last known location
Stephen Grazzini 2014 2008 Reconstructing the Improvised Keyboard Prelude of the French Baroque
Andreas Metz 2014 Temporality, Pace, and Formal Structure in Selected Passages from Brahms's Adagio Genre Baldwin Wallace University (Berea, OH)
Garrett Michaelsen 2013 2008 Analyzing Musical Interaction in Jazz Improvisations of the 1960s University of Massachusetts–Lowell
Timothy Chenette 2013 2007 Counterpoint, Transformations, and Musical Spaces in the Late Sixteenth Century Utah State University
Sara Bakker 2013 Playing with Patterns: Isorhythmic Strategies in György Ligeti's Late Piano Works Logan, UT
Grace Yu 2012 A Semiotical Interpretation of Liszt's Piano Works in Light of Their Extramusical Sources Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Kyle Fyr 2011 2006 Proportion, Temporality, and Performance Issues in Piano Works of John Adams Mahidol University (Thailand)
Justin Lavacek 2011 Polyphonic Meaning in the Motets of Machaut University of North Texas
Mitch Ohriner 2011 2007 Modeling Music Performance: Projected Tension and Durational Contours in Recording of the Music of Chopin Shenandoah Conservatory (Winchester, VA)
Danny Arthurs 2011 2005 Reconstructing Tonal Principlesin the Music of Brad Mehldau University of North Texas
Amy Engelsdorfer 2010 Pedagogical and Compositional Techniques in Treatises by Augustus Frederic Christof Kollmann and Johann Bernhard Logier Luther College (Decorah, IA)
Tamara Balter 2009 2000 A Theory of Irony in Music: Types of Irony in the String Quartets of Haydn and Beethoven Jerusalem, Israel
Brent Yorgason 2009 1999 Expressive Asynchrony and Meter: A Study of Dispersal, Downbeat Space, and Metric Drift Marietta College (OH)
Michelle Clater 2009   Interposed Between God and Man: Agency in the Requiems of Berlioz and Fauré Maranatha Baptist Bible College (Watertown, WI)
Melissa Hoag 2008 2002 Multiply-Directed Moments in the Music of Brahms Oakland University (MI)
Victoria Malawey 2007 2001 Temporal Process, Repetition, and Voice in Björk's Medúlla Macalester College (St. Paul, MN)
Mike Baker 2007   Text-Music Relationships in the Solo Songs of Felix Mendelssohn University of Kentucky
Erick Carballo 2006 1994 De la pampa al cielo: The Development of Tonality in the Compositional Language of Alberto Ginastera Indiana University Teaching and Learning Technology Center
Stanley Kleppinger 2006 2000 Tonal Coherence in Copland's Music of the 1940s University of Nebraska–Lincoln
David Thurmaier 2006   Time and Compositional Process in Charles Ives's Holidays Symphony University of Missouri–Kansas City
Michael Oravitz 2005 1991 Metric Patterning and its Effects on Phrasing and Form in Selected Debussy Préludes University of Northern Colorado
Elisabeth Honn Hoegberg 2005   From Theory to Practice: Composition and Analysis in Marin Mersenne's Harmonie universelle University of Indianapolis
Timothy Shane Pack 2005   Axial-Tenor Composition in the Renaissance University of Oregon
Bettina Hahn 2004 1993 Schoenberg and Bakhtin: Dialogic Discourse in the String Quartet, Op. 10, No. 2 Texas Performing Chinese Arts Association
Rusty Jones 2004   Key Classes and Textural Dissonance: An Instrument-specific Study of the Idioms, Textures, and Structures of Selected Early Romantic Music for the Guitar (1799-1850) Butler University
Ryan McClelland 2004   Tonal Structure, Rhythm, Meter, and Motive in the Scherzo-Type Movements of Brahms's Chamber Music with Piano University of Toronto (Associate Dean)
Mark Butler 2003   Unlocking the Groove: Rhythm, Meter, and Musical Design in Electronic Dance Music Northwestern University
Andrew Davis 2003   Structural Implications of Stylistic Plurality in Puccini's Turandot University of Houston
Julian Hook 2002   Uniform Triadic Transformations Indiana University (Department Chair)
Lyn Thornblad Burkett 2001   Tensile Involvement: Counterpoint and Compositional Pedagogy in the Work of Seeger, Hindemith, and Krenek University of North Carolina at Asheville
Vincent Benitez 2001   Pitch Organization and Dramatic Design in Saint François d'Assise of Olivier Messiaen Penn State University
Rebecca Jemian 2001   Rhythmic Organization in Works by Elliott Carter, George Crumb, and John Adams: Rhythmic Frameworks, Timepoints, Periodicity, and Alignment University of Louisville
Ted Buehrer 2000   An Alternative Pedagogical Paradigm for Aural Skills: An Examination of Constructivist Learning Theory and Its Potential for Implementation into Aural Skills Curricula Kenyon College (Gambier, OH)
Arthur Samplaski 2000 1996 A Comparison of Perceived Chord Similarity with Predictions of Selected Twentieth-Century Chord Classification Schemes, Using Multidimensional Scaling and Cluster Analysis Ithaca, New York
Lori Wacker 2000 1991 Rhythmic and Motivic Procedures in Selected Late Works of S. C. Eckhardt-Gramatté East Carolina University
Glenn Wegge 1999   Musical References in the Neoplatonic Philosophy of Plotinus Waldorf College (Forest City, IA)
Don Hedges 1999 1986 Taking Notes: The History, Practice, and Innovation of Musical Diction in English and American Aural Skills Pedagogy Trinity International University (Director)
John White 1999   Processes of Structuring in Selected Free Improvisations of the Chamber Ensemble "Oregon" Ithaca College
Byron Almen 1998   Narrative Archetypes in Music: A Semiotic Approach University of Texas
Teresa Shelton 1997   Idiosyncrasies of Music Narrative: Hypotheses for Further Investigation University of Tulsa
George Boyd 1996   The Scacchi/Siefert Controversy with Translations of Marco Scacchi, Cribrum musicum and Paul Siefert, Anticrabratio musica Indiana University (Bureau of Evaluative Studies and Testing)
Jeff Gillespie 1996   Difficulty Factors in the Perception of Melody by Skilled Listeners Butler University
Eric Lai 1995 1984 A Theory of Pitch Organization in the Early Music of Chou Wen-Chung Baylor University
Ralph Lorenz 1995   Pedagogical Implications of Musica Practica in Sixteenth-century Wittenberg Kent State University
Lisa Derry 1993   The Pre-Classical Concerto of Johann Christian Bach: First Movement Design in the Eighteen "London" Keyboard Concertos Albertson College
Scott Harris 1993 1987 Formal Archetypes, Phrase Rhythm, and Motivic Design in the String Quartets of Alexander Zemlinsky University of Southern Maine (Director)
Eric Isaacson 1992 1987 Similarity of Interval-class Content Between Pitch-class Sets: The IcVSIM Relation and Its Application Indiana University (Director of Graduate Studies)
Rudy Marcozzi 1992   The Interaction of Large-scale Harmonic and Dramatic Structure in the Verdi Operas Adapted from Shakespeare Roosevelt University
Stephen Moore 1992   The Writings of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze: Toward a Theory for the Performance of Musical Rhythm California State University, Dominguez Hills
Ronald Rodman 1992   Thematic and tonal processes in the development-reprise forms of Claude Debussy, 1880-1905 Carleton College
Joe Brumbeloe 1991 1982 Formal Grouping in the Theory and Musical Practice of the Eighteenth Century University of Southern Mississippi
Craig Cummings 1991 1985 Large-scale Coherence in Selected Nineteenth-century Piano Variations Ithaca College (Department Chair)
Sarah Schaffer 1991   Analytical Issues in the Segmentation of Atonal Music: An Investigation Based on Selected Pre-Serial Works of Schoenberg, Berg, and Webern Token Creek Chamber Music Festival (Managing Director)
Miguel Roig-Francoli 1990   Compositional Theory and Practice in Mid-Sixteenth-Century Spanish Instrumental Music: The Arte de tañer fantasía by Tomás de Santa María and the Music of Antonio de Cabezón University of Cincinnati
Ilene Sears 1990 1971 The Influence of Rhythm in Selected Chamber Works of Igor Stravinsky Winston-Salem, NC
Todd Tucker 1988 1971 Hindemith's Harmonic Procedure from 1935-1940 Illinois Wesleyan University
John Schaffer 1987   Developing an Intelligent Music Tutorial: An Investigation of Expert Systems and Their Potential for Microcomputer-based Instruction in Music Theory University of Wisconsin (Director)
Susan Tepping 1987   Fugue Process and Tonal Structure in the String Quartets of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven Georgia State University (retired)
James Hiatt 1986 1969 Structure and Style in the Late Instrumental Works of Carl Nielsen James Madison University
Jon Conrad 1985 1969 Style and Structure in Songs by George Gershwin: Published 1924-1938 University of Delaware
James Skoog 1985   Set Syntax in Béla Bartók's Mikrokosmos Bowling Green State University?
Alan Todd Jordan 1984   Harmonic Style in Selected Sibelius Symphonies Senior Consultant, Keane, Inc.; Organist & Assistant Music Director, Our Lady of Mt Carmel Catholic Church (Carmel, IN)
John Maxwell 1984   An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Computer-Implemented Analysis of Harmony in Tonal Music SAS Institute (Software Manager; North Carolina)
William Pflugradt 1984   Elliott Carter and the Variation Process deceased
Garry Brodhead 1983 1972 Structural Time in Twentieth-century Tonal Music Ithaca College (Associate Provost)
Ann Gebuhr 1983 1968 Structuralism in Music: A Review of Recent Ideas Houston Baptist University (Director)
John Ibberson 1983 1965 A History of Keyboard Theory Indiana State University (retired)
Kate Covington 1982 1969 A Study of Textural Stratification in Twentieth-century Compositions University of Kentucky
Robert Hatten 1982 1975 The Concept of Style Systems in Music Theory: A Model for Interpreting Style Change Indiana University
John Snyder 1982   The De legitimis ordinibus pentachordorum et tetrachordorum of Theinred of Dover University of Houston
J. Kent Williams 1982 1965 Themes Composed by Jazz Musicians of the Bebop Era: A Study of Harmony, Rhythm, and Melody UNC Greensboro
George Winfield 1981   Ferruccio Busoni's Compositional Art: A Study of Selected Works for Piano Solo Composed Between 1907 and 1923 Howard University (Chair)
James Bersano 1979   Formalized Aspect Analysis of Sound Texture Applied to Selected Works of the 1960's
Eugene Reade 1979   A Study of Rhythm in the Serial Works of Igor Stravinsky
Timothy Lindeman 1978 1971 A Comparison of George Crumb's Night Music I and Ancient Voices of Children Guilford College (Chair, Music)
Charles Lord 1978 1971 An Explication of Some Recent Mathematical Approaches to Music Analysis University of Kentucky
Gwyneth Roberts 1978   Procedures for Analysis of Sound Masses Lowellville, Ohio
Bruce Thompson 1978 1961 Musical Style and Compositional Techniques in Selected Works of T. J. Anderson Winthrop University
Michael Burdick 1977   A Structural Analysis of Melodic Scale-Degree Tendencies in Selected Themes of Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, and Chopin Chino Valley, Arizona
Margery Enix 1977 1961 The Dissolution of the Functional Harmonic Tonal System: 1850-1910 Chapman University
David Kaplan 1977   Stylistic Trends in the Small Woodwind Ensemble from 1750-1825 University of Saskatchewan
Richard Domek 1976 1967 A Syntactic Approach to the Study of Rhythm Applied to the Late Piano Works of Johannes Brahms University of Kentucky
Roger Briscoe 1975   Rameau's Démonstration du principe de l'harmonie and Nouvelles réflexions de M. Rameau sur sa Démonstration du principe de l'harmonie: An Annotated Translation and Commentary of Two Treatises by Jean-Philippe Rameau Raritan Valley Community College (NJ)
William Edwards 1975   The Variation Process in the Music of Stravinsky Broward Community College
Christopher Gallaher 1975 1965 Density in Twentieth-Century Music Morehead State University (chair; retired)
Dorothy Gross 1975   A Set of Computer Programs to Aid in Music Analysis University of Minnesota?
Glenn Chandler 1974   Rameau's Nouveau système de musique théorique: An Annotated Translation University of Texas (Director)
Sister Jule Adele Espey 1974   Formal, Tonal, and Thematic Structure of the Hindemith String Quartets Our Lady of the Lake University
William McCandless 1974   Cantus Firmus Techniques in Selected Instrumental Compositions, 1910-1960 Central Missouri State University (chair; retired)
G. Larry Whatley 1974   Donald Francis Tovey and His Contributions to the Study of Harmony and Counterpoint Brevard College (retired)
Robert Demaree 1973   The Structural Proportions of the Haydn Quartets Indiana University--South Bend (Dean; retired)
Arthur Ostrander 1973 1969 Style in the Orchestral Works of Karl-Birger Blomdahl Ithaca College (Dean)
John Stewart 1973   Metrical and Tonal Stability in the Dance Music of the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book Ohio University (Retired)
Sister Laurette Bellemy 1972   The Sonido Trece Theoretical Works of Julian Carrillo: A Transcription with Commentary. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (Music area coordinator)
Asher Zlotnik 1972   Orchestration Revisions in the Symphonies of Robert Schumann Deceased
Mary Arlin 1971 1965 Esquisse de l'histoire de l'harmonie, considérée comme art et comme science systématique of François-Joseph Fétis: An Annotated Translation Ithaca College (retired)
Norman Hessert 1971   The Use of Information Theory in Musical Theory St. Lawrence University
Jean Little 1971   Architectonic Levels of Rhythmic Organization in Selected Twentieth-Century Music Monrovia, California
Kenneth Mays 1971 1961 Harmonic Style in the Madrigals of Claudio Monteverdi The Master's College
Gary Potter 1971 1969 The Role of Chance in Contemporary Music Indiana University (Director of Undergraduate Studies)
Harriet Chase 1970   German, Italian, and Dutch Fugal Precursors of the Fugues in the Well-Tempered Clavier I, 1600-1722 Westminster Choir College (retired)
Robert Hurwitz 1970 1965 An Investigation into the Perception of Root in Harmonic Intervals University of Oregon (Associate Dean for Graduate Studies; retired)
William Mickelsen 1970   Hugo Riemann's History of Harmonic Theory with a Translation of Harmonielehre St. George, Utah
James Marks 1969   Harmonic Rhythm as a Factor in Form Delineation in Selected Instrumental Works from 1775 to 1850 Sam Houston State University (Retired)
Francis McGinnis 1969   Chopin: Aspects of Melodic Style
Raymond Stahura 1969 1961 A Stylistic Study of the Works of John Dunstable Ripon College (retired)
George B. Biggs 1968   The Return Effect in Works for Orchestra by Stravinsky, Bartók, and Schoenberg, as Determined by Factors other than Theme and Key Fort Worth, Texas
Charles Nick 1967   A Stylistic Analysis of the Music of Nicola Vincentino
Louis Pisciotta 1967   Texture in the Choral Works of Selected Contemporary American Composers Manhasset, New York
Donald Schwejda 1967   An Investigation of the Analytical Technique Used by Rudolph Reti in The Thematic Process in Music Pacific University
Leon Smith 1967   An Investigation of the Inherent Qualities of Musical Intervals as Definers of Melodic Tonality Round Rock, Texas
Mary Wennerstrom 1967   Parametric Analysis of Contemporary Musical Form Indiana University (Associate Dean for Instruction)
Carl Haenselman 1966   Harmonic Rhythm in Selected Works of the Latter Half of the Nineteenth Century
Eugene Sterling 1966   A Study of the Chromatic Elements in Selected Piano Works of Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Chopin, and Brahms San Jose, California
Albert Hanna 1965   A Statistical Analysis of Some Style Elements in the Solo Piano Sonatas of Franz Schubert
Harold Lewin 1965   Aspects of the Twelve-Tone System: Its Formation and Structural Implications
George Sargent 1965   An Edition of Elizabeth Rogers' Virginal Book (British Museum Add. Ms. 10337)
Richard Tappa 1965   An Analytical Study of the Use of Imitative Devices in the Keyboard Ricercar from 1520 to 1720
Glen Gould 1964   A Stylistic Analysis of Selected Twelve-Tone Works by Luigi Dallapiccola Pennsylvania
James Krehbiel 1964   Harmonic Principles of Jean-Philippe Rameau and His Contemporaries
Maurice Laney 1964   Thematic Material and Developmental Techniques in Selected Contemporary Compositions
Harry Ray 1964   An Experimental Approach to the Reading of Pitch Notation
Janet Tupper 1964   Stylistic Analysis of Selected Works by Frank Martin Denver, Colorado
Sanford Watts 1964   The Stylistic Features of the Bolognese Concerto Indiana State University (retired; now Santa Maria, CA)
James Burke 1963   A Study of Theories of Non-Chord Tones Pertaining to the Music of the Period ca. 1650 to ca. 1875 Acadiana Symphony Orchestra
Mary Fiore 1963   The Formation and Structural Use of Vertical Constructs in Selected Serial Compositions Buffalo State College
William Jones 1963   The Music of Ernest Bloch
John Mitchell 1963   A History of Theories of Functional Harmonic Progression
Glen Morgan 1963   Stylistic Features of the Music of Guillaume de Machaut
Edward Murphy 1963   Harmony and Tonality in the Large Orchestral Works of Richard Strauss University of Arizona
Louis Richardson 1963   The Effect of Certain Harmonic Considerations upon Tuning Preferences for the Major Third Fredonia, New York
John Egan 1962   Marin Mersenne: Traité de l'harmonie universelle: Critical Translation of the Second Book St. Joseph's University?
Charles Knox 1962   The Orchestral Violin Tone Georgia State University (retired)
John Nagosky 1962   Timbre Thresholds of Sinusoidal Mixtures Indiana University (retired)
C. Allen Winold 1962   The Effects of Changes in Harmonic Tension upon Listener Response Indiana University (retired)
Molly Gustin 1961   A Theory of Tonality Thomas Aquinas College
Raymond Haggh 1961   Hugo Riemann's Geschichte der Musiktheorie im IX-XIX. Jahrhundert, Books I and II: A Translation with Commentary and Annotated Bibliography University of Nebraska-Lincoln (retired)
Hans-Jörgen Holman 1961   The responsoria prolixa of the Codex Worcester F 160
Frederick Homan 1961   Cadence in Gregorian Chant
Vernon Kliewer 1961   The Concept of Organic Unity in Music Criticism and Analysis Indiana University (retired)
Joel Mandelbaum 1961   Multiple Division of the Octave and the Tonal Resources of 19-Tone Temperament CUNY-Queens College
Judson Maynard 1961   An Anonymous Scottish Treatise on Music from the Sixteenth Century: British Museum, Add. MS 4911, Edition and Commentary Denton, Texas
W. Thomas Atcherson 1960   Modal Theory of Sixteenth-Century German Theorists University of Iowa (deceased)
Donald Morrison 1960   Influences of Impressionist Tonality on Selected Works of Delius, Griffes, Falla, and Respighi: Based on the Concept Developed by Robert Mueller Sarasota, Florida
Charles Smith 1960   Leonhard Euler's Tentamen novae theoriae musicae: A Translation and Commentary Dover, Delaware
Tom Ritchie 1960   A Study of the Effects of Diatonic Harmony upon the Aural Perception of Selected Melodic Fragments Truman State University
Joseph Youngblood 1960   Music and Language: Some Related Analytical Techniques University of Miami (retired)
Ronald Jesson 1958   The Third Relation in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries
Dale Jorgenson 1957   A History of Theories of the Minor Triad
Parviz Mahmoud 1957   A Theory of Persian Music and Its Relation to Western Practice
William Abbott 1956   Certain Aspects of the Sonata-Allegro Form in Piano Sonatas of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
David Appleby 1956   A Study of Selected Compositions by Contemporary Brazilian Composers Eastern Illinois University
Wayne Wise 1956   Tonal Relationship through Interchangeability of Mode in the Music of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
Quentin Nordgren 1955   Texture: A Consideration of Spacing, Doubling, Range, and Instrumentation, Based upon Selected Orchestral Works of Certain Nineteenth-Century Composers
Wilbur Lee Ogdon 1955   Series and Structure: An Investigation into the Purpose of the Twelve-Note Row in Selected Works of Schoenberg, Webern, Krenek, and Leibowitz UC San Diego
Helen Rogers 1955   The Development of the Concept of Modulation in Theory from the Sixteenth to the Early Eighteenth Century
Mark Walker 1955   Thematic, Formal, and Tonal Structure of the Bartók String Quartets
Robert Lamm 1954   The Evolution of the Secondary Dominant Concept
George List 1954   An Analysis of the Relationship of Non-Stepwise Melodic Movement to Tonality in Selected Works of W. A. Mozart Indiana University (ethnomusicology; retired)
Robert Mueller 1954   The Concept of Tonality in Impressionist Music: Based on the Works of Debussy and Ravel Southern Illinois University (retired)
Ernest Trumble 1954   Early Renaissance Harmony Norman, Oklahoma
Grace Yerbury 1953   Styles and Schools of the Art Song in America, 1720-1850
William Thomson 1952   A Clarification of the Tonality Concept University of Southern California (Dean) (retired)
Arthur Darack 1951   Aesthetics of Music: Early Greek Views Critic, Author. Deceased (2007)

MM/MA Alumni

MM/MA alumni who completed a PhD in music theory at Indiana University appear in the list of PhD alumni above. Other MM/MA alumni are listed below.

Bauchat, Nikolas 2013 PhD student at IU
Peck, Calvin 2013
Alcalde, Bruno 2012
Blustein, Nathan 2012 PhD student at IU
Child, Paul 2012
DeJong, Colin 2012
Noëlliste, Joseph 2012
Prosser, Simon 2012
Boyle, Matthew 2011 PhD student at IU
Fink, Stanley 2011
Jedlicka, Jason 2011 PhD student at IU
Yu, Alvin 2011
DiPaolo, Nicole 2010 PhD student at IU
Umthun, Ruthie 2010 PhD student at IU
Cubero, Diego 2010 PhD candidate at IU
McClimon, Michael 2010 PhD student at IU
Guez, Jonathan 2008 PhD student at Yale
Keele, Christy 2008 PhD student at IU
Climis, Sarah (Wangberg) 2008
Hoffman, Matthew 2007
Langeneckert, Lara 2007  
Guerin, William 2006 PhD candidate at IU
Torrent, Jordi 2006 Pianist, based in Spain
Hooper, Jason 2005 PhD student at CUNY
Turel, Jamshed 2005 PhD student at McGill
Demarco, Michael 2004  
Toelcke, Erin 2004
Serfass, Loren 2003
Cullen, Sheila 2002
Schindele, Megan 2002
Boyer, Matthew 2001
Krieger, Meryl 2001 Earned PhD in ethnomusicology at IU
Lee, Pei Ling 2001
Millicent, Claudia 2001 Band director in Laguna Salada Union School District
Powell, T Kareem 2001 Dayton, Ohio
Koh, Min Jung 2000
Robbins, Paul F 2000
Stafford, Christopher 2000 Founder, Stafford Music Academy, Bloomington
Speicher, Molly 1999
Steger, Monica 1998
Brown, Gwynne E 1997 Earned PhD in musicology, University of Washington; faculty at University of Puget Sound
Carballo, Kimberly 1997 IU Opera Coach
Gustafson, Erik 1997
Medows, Kevin 1997 M.L.S. from the University of Illinois; Music Technical Services Librarian, Northwestern University
Redfield Jurcevic, Shelly Annette 1997 Teaches music theory at Armstrong Community Music School and maintains a private studio teaching voice, piano, flute, and recorder; adjunct faculty in music department at St. Edward's University
Townsend, Thomas 1997
Brooks, Jonathan 1996 Earned PhD from the University of North Texas. Faculty at Anderson University (Indiana)
Corbin, Jessica 1996 Faculty at Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and director of the Bella Voce Singers
Tomlin, Larry 1996 Works for Citrix
Addino-Colchin, Michele 1995 Liturgical music director, University of St. Francis (Fort Wayne, IN) campus ministry
Lister, Michael 1995
Sanders, Leonard 1995
Zuelicke, Kristina (Campbell) 1995 believed living in New Zealand
Ernst, David 1994 Executive Director, HoosierNet (Bloomington)
Bortka, Elizabeth 1993
Halliday, James 1993 Programmer for IU's Digital Library Program
Hurwitz, Celia 1993 Earned PhD in music theory from Columbia in 2002 ("Tonality and form in the first movements of Britten's String Quartets Opp. 25 and 36")
Johnston-Martel, Donna 1993 Piano teacher, Regina, Sask.
Williams, David 1993 MM in conducting from CCM; Lecturer in Aural Studies, Vanderbilt University
Albert, Anita 1992 Private piano teacher, Toronto
Budelier, Patrick 1992
Gregory, James 1992
Smallwood, Alisa 1992 Director of Development for the Robert Ferst Center for the Arts at Georgia Tech
Montgomery, Kip 1991 PhD, Music History, SUNY Stony Brook, 2002 ("Cyclic Form in the Music of Brahms"); Associate Professor and Chair of Music Department at Queensborough Community College of the City University of new York
Diaz, Ma Lourdes 1990
Littlefield, Richard 1990 PhD from University of Helsinki? Taught at Central Michigan University.
Melton, Clair 1990 Austin, Texas
Bixler, Judith 1989 Adjunct instructor of Violin and String Pedagogy, Hillsdale College
MacGregor, Carolyn (Saunders) 1989 Living in Seattle
Huck, Wayne 1988 Works for UITS, IU Office of the Registrar
Chan, Yuk-Yue Rebecca 1987
Ivey, Shereen Su-Wen 1987
DeSouza, Elizabeth 1986
Bullard, John 1984
McQuarrie, Janet 1984
Ri, Gil-Ju 1984
Schafer, Scott 1984
Babb, Larry 1983
Fose, Luanne 1983 PhD in music theory from University of North Texas; Instructional Designer/Information Technology Consultant for Information Technology Services, California Polytechnic State Univeristy
Hunton, Janice 1983 Faculty, Perpich Center for Arts Education (Golden Valley, Minn.)
Newby, David 1983 Earned MM and DM in Instrumental Conducting (IU), faculty at Antelope Valley College
Peregoy, Betsy 1983
Saxe, Norin 1983
Bradshaw, David 1982 PhD in Music Psychology from the University of Washington in Seattle; Assistant Research Professor, Dept. of Anesthesiology, University of Utah Pain Research Center
Chisholm, Rose 1982
Dombek, Stephen 1982
Greenhouse, Jack 1982
Kramlich, Daniel 1982
St Julien, Marcus 1982
Weeks, Robert 1982
Kraus, Joseph 1981 Earned PhD at Eastman School of Music; faculty at Florida State University
Boylan, Sharon 1980
Knight, Robert 1980
Liddle, Ray 1980
Murray, Michele 1980
Parnella, Carl 1980
Rossinelli-McLean, Susan 1980
Dana, Christy 1979 DM in Brass Pedagogy (IU), faculty at UC–Berkeley, professional jazz trumpeter and band leader
Knox, Roger 1979
Ogoe, Charles 1979
Paputsas, 1979
Levy, Ron 1978
McMillan, James 1978
Olsen, Rita 1978
Overhauser, Catherine 1978
Whelden, Roy 1978
Nerheim, Rosalee 1976
Regueiro, Allen 1976
Skinner, William 1976
Tatman, Neil 1976
Bakshi, Susan 1975
Kudo, Elmer 1975
Lake, William 1975 Earned PhD at University of Michigan; faculty at Bowling Green State University
Manning, Charles 1975
Warner, John 1975
Yune, Kuija 1975
Rees, Mary Anne 1974
Vars, Dianne 1974
Lengyel, Peter 1973
Loucky, Suzanne 1973
McGee, William 1973
Stokes, Charles 1973
Crane, Genevieve 1972
Lind, Dan 1972
Biebl, Thomas 1971
Cox, Paul 1971
Fisher, John 1971
Hyslop, John 1971
King, Keith 1971
Prause, Patricia 1971
Davis, Merelyn 1970
Edison, Carol 1970
Gifford, Karen 1970
Mueller, Richard 1970
Turney, Margaret 1970
Arnn, John 1969
Besemer, Douglas 1969
Engle, Susan 1969
Garrett, Lee 1969
Hackman, Willis 1969
Hawn, Margaret 1969
Hogsett, Rosemary 1969
Morris, Elizabeth 1969
Mosley, Michael 1969
Olin, Esther 1969
Rollin, Gwyneth 1969
Pape, Louis 1968
Porterfield, Marjorie 1968 Faculty at Ithaca College (retired)
Riley, John 1968
Ross, Ronald 1968
Brewer, Robert 1967
Hoppe, Kathryn 1967
Martin, James 1967
Stewart, James 1967
Thein, Anthony 1967
Zvengrowski, Steven 1967
Czarnecki, Rita 1966
McGary, Rudyard 1966
Williams, Jay 1966
Woehl, Arlene 1966
Hazelbauer, William 1965
Humphries, Charles Lee 1965
Milner, William 1965
Watkins, David H. 1965 MM Thesis: The Use of Polytonality in Selected Works of Aaron Copland. DM in Music Literature and the Pedagogy of Brass Instruments (IU, 1985, "Teaching Baroque Style Characteristics Through Solo Literature for the Horn"). Retired faculty member, Indiana State University 1965-1997
Friedmann, Mary 1963
Wolfe, Curtis 1963
Doudna, Lon 1962
Green, Allan 1962
Green, Virginia 1962
Inzana, Barbara 1961
Broekheuzen, Marius 1960
Courvoisier, Duncan 1957