Composition Department

Evan Rees, Current BM Student

The Summer of Wistaria
for violoncello and piano

Warren Hagerty, 'cello
Evan Rees, piano

I. Miss Rosa Coldfield
II. Mr. Compson
III. Quentin 

Performed on March 2, 2010 

Evan Rees is a composition student with a minor in conducting and a concentration in piano performance.  He has been playing the piano since the age of 7 and began composing not long after.  In the summer of 2007, he attended the B.U. Tanglewood Institute Young Artists' Composition Program, where he studied under Martin Amlin.  In 2009, his song cycle "Hindsight" was awarded the Indiana University High School Composition Competition Award by the composition faculty. In spring of 2010, his work "The Summer of Wistaria" for violoncello and piano won the Indiana state chapter of the MTNA Composition Competition and is continuing onto the regional competition in the fall.