Clarinet Performance Workshop

Clarinet Performance Workshop


2016 Participant Comments

It has been more than a week since I left Bloomington and I still carry the excitement of spending those days with your faculty.  The time spent in the daily sessions felt more like a summer semester, as there was so much information and insights.  Personally, I gained an enormous amount of practical information to make a difference in my playing and enjoyment of the clarinet.  Thank you for allowing me to participate in this great inspirational course, and for making me feel so welcome.

     -- Jacob G.

Your clarinet performance workshop was profoundly helpful. I could not have been any more satisfied with the masterful instruction and advice from the faculty. From my time at the workshop, I left with many insights on musical playing.  I gained a deep appreciation for the savory moments in lyrical playing like releases, attacks, and even diminuendos. No matter the age of the student, the wealth of information passed on at this workshop is boundless to beginning and advanced applications alike. 

     -- Juan S.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in your Clarinet Performance Workshop this past week. Working with Professors Mandat, Cohen, and yourself has inspired me to become a better player and to grow in understanding the clarinet and it's potential. I greatly appreciate all of the effort you have extended in planning this event. It was a delight to study alongside students from all over the region.

It was enjoyable to study with each individual professor during group and private lessons, especially during the master classes where they pointed out exact things to work on improving.  Working on Bassi's "Fantasia da Concerto" with each instructor has allowed me to see the piece in a new light.  From playing that piece alone, I have attained a better understanding of phrasing, cadenzas, and emphasis of dynamics.

     -- Ranae D.

You organized and taught an amazing clarinet workshop, and I appreciate the opportunity to have been able to learn from you. Your workshop has taught me many valuable aspects of clarinet performance, such as patience in practicing, higher importance of fundamentals, faster sight-reading strategies, and more. I especially liked our one-on-one lesson on the Copland cadenza and your use of smaller classroom sizes. This is the workshop for someone wanting high expertise in performing and teaching the clarinet.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your class. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, which I hope to share with my professor and classmates.

     -- Colby S.

2015 Participant Comments

The IU Clarinet Performance Workshop has been the most valuable workshop thus far in my music career.  This workshop is a perfect blend of individual playing and group-centered activities.  The daily schedule is highly structured in consideration of the students gaining as much information about the clarinet as possible.  The professors were encouraging, resourceful, and motivating.  If one wants to immerse into clarinet playing in a professional enviornment, they must attend the workshop!  I have gained a new motivation and spark to play clarinet because of the friendships made and information absorbed at the IU Clarinet performance workshop!

     -- Anjalli S.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Clarinet Peformance workshop.  It was an enjoyable week and I appreciate all of the feedback I received.  I believe I now have a better idea of what I need to be working on in order to be a successful musician.

Furthermore, being able to interact with current college students and get their input on the college music experience helped me to confirm that I would like to pursue a major in either performance or Education in order to later have a career doing something that I love.

I hope I will get the opportunity to work with you again sometime and thank you again for the tremendous experience.

       --Taylor S.

2012 Participant Comments

I want to extend my thanks to all the faculty for letting me have the opportunity to participate in this year's workshop.  Not only did I learn about various aspects to playing the clarinet and proper approaches to practicing, I also made friends like myself as a clarinetist and made future connections as well.  I enjoyed learning from all of the faculty and experiencing their diverse teaching styles.  The faculty recital at the end of the week, along with meeting Alfred Prinz, was a wonderful way to cap off the workshop.  I would highly recommend this informative workshop to any aspiring clarinetist.

--Mallory T.

I would just like to say thank you again for the wonderful clarinet filled week in Indiana. I learned A LOT and had a good time while doing it! The party and recital that you had on Thursday night was great, I particularly enjoyed hearing Prof. Klug and Prof. Mandat play the Mendelssohn. And being able to say, "I have shaken hands with Alfred Prinz?!" WOW! I really appreciated all the lovely opportunities you provided us with, and it was an honor to be able to come learn from the three of you!

--Lauren P.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your clarinet workshop.  I could not have asked for a better faculty.  Each day was diverse and I was always mentally engaged.  In addition to a spectacular group of professors, I was very glad to be able to experience the music department at IU.  Graduate school is a few years away for me, but I know that IU is a goal that I should be working toward.

--Kevin R.

I would like to extend my many thanks for all of the coaching and guidance this past week. It was such a pleasure to work with Professors Klug, Mandat and Cohen. I cannot even begin to say what a valuable experience the Indiana University Clarinet Performance Workshop was for me. I learned so much - especially when thinking about how to approach practice sessions and getting the most out of my time. The advice was truly invaluable to me and I have no doubt that because of this help I will have a successful summer of practicing. The IU Clarinet Performance Workshop was also the perfect setting to meet other clarinetists and collaborate with those like me. I made many new friends and I'm sure those connections will be of use in my future career. Once again, thank you for your time this past week and sharing your musical insights.

--Olivia S.

This is the second year I attended this workshop and it was just as good, if not better, the second time!  Having had one more year of practice and learning since the last time I attended, different techniques and exercises stood out to be the most important and beneficial for me.  With three incredible teachers, they present so many ideas, techniques, and strategies that no one can go home without having learned as much as their brain could possibly take in!  I left the camp refreshed and motivated to get back into a practice room and apply the new information to my practice and playing. I would recommend this camp to any player who enjoys practicing and playing the clarinet!

--Clara B.

2011 Participant Comments

My time at the Clarinet Performance Workshop has been one of the most positive experiences that I have ever had as a clarinetist! The personalities of Professors Klug, Mandat, and Cohen brought incredible artistry and intellectualism to the classes and lessons, and the beautiful setting of the campus and the city of Bloomington added just enough ‘vacation’ to make this any performer’s dream trip! I highly recommend this workshop for those who seek some additional inspiration and guidance in their everyday clarinet routines--I will certainly never forget it!

--Joel A.

I found the balance of private/group/master classes at the ’11 Workshop to be just right.  With the large performance classes and the private lessons, I felt that I had ample opportunity to perform anything I wished.  Thanks again for hosting this workshop; it was incredibly informative and a lot of fun.

--Harrison B.

I just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed your educational program on the IU campus.  I now think about the faculty, the workshop students and the instructional sessions every time I pick up my clarinet to practice.  I learned so much about the clarinet, my own musical growth, and how to better teach my future students. The workshop has definitely helped give me a better sense of direction for what I need to focus on.  I couldn't have asked for a better jumpstart before I begin graduate school.

--Tyler G.

This was such a privilege to work and study so closely with these acclaimed faculty at the performance workshop and to have the opportunity to work with them on any music or topic of your choosing. There is not enough time in the workshop to practice everything you learn, of course, but it will definitely keep you busy for a long time as you attempt to apply all of the concepts you learned at the workshop. I enjoyed the time I spent in the Music Buildings and on the campus of Indiana University. I would love to visit again sometime in the future and have an opportunity to do more studying and performing.

--Kevin L.

The clarinet performance workshop in Bloomington this summer was incredibly helpful to me in just about every facet of my musical education.  I was truly amazed at how much information was covered, and how relevant it was-- it will be quite a process to take everything that I learned and incorporate it into my future playing!  Having the opportunity to study with three outstanding teachers who all brought their own unique ways of explaining themselves was absolutely fantastic!  I would recommend this workshop to anybody looking to improve their playing and knowledge of all that goes with it.  I look forward to hopefully returning next year.  Thank you!

--Jeremy R.

I never thought that I had all the answers to what it takes to be a great clarinet player.  After attending the Workshop, I know that there is so much to be said for what works for each individual musician, but there are some things that are irrevocably essential for anyone who really wants to perform for a living.  My personal difficulties in wrestling with the instrument are much less daunting now because of the help I received at this workshop, and I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given to come and receive input from some of the best teachers in the field.

--Dana S.

My experience at the IU '11 Workshop was quite an enjoyable and informative one. The schedule was manageable, the living situation was fine, and I met a group of great people. In terms of material covered, I was quite satisfied with what we got through. In a five day span I felt that the goal, which was to cover a wide range of skills necessary for students to become better players, was adequately met.  What was most interesting and beneficial for me was how each professor approached some of my playing problems. All three had unique ways of overcoming issues, which was especially nice, considering I will most likely have to describe to my pupils in the future how to overcome similar problems of their own. Once again, thank you for a great experience; I feel as though what I took away from my stay will be valuable for me as a player as well as a person.

--Eddie S.

The workshop was fantastic!  It was very eye-opening, actually ear-opening.  It demystified for me what sets professional players apart from the rest of us. But it also provided all kinds of tools for taking my playing to the next level. One thing I especially liked about the workshop was that each of the three professors were amazing in their own distinctive ways. I have been doing my best to integrate exercises from all three of you into my regular practice sessions. It's a huge help. So, I feel very grateful to all three of you for what you shared with us.

--Carl W.


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