Guitar Academy

Personalized lessons for your budding guitar player

Our Guitar Academy aims to nurture our community's passion for instrumental study and active involvement with music, regardless of age, education, or musical background. Whether your child has experience or has just begun playing, our faculty and instructors can help them develop strong foundational skills and musicianship through individual lessons and ensemble sessions. We work to meet the individual needs of every student, from ages 5 to 18.

In addition to exceptional instruction, your students will be given the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments by performing at a Jacobs Guitar Academy recital in one of our professional concert halls at the end of each semester. They will also have opportunities to collaborate with other year-round Jacobs programs such as the String Academy, Young Pianists, and Ballet.

Your student will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Jacobs School of Music at the end of each year.

Summer 2020 online classes

How to Apply


YouthMay 4–June 12

Youth Guitar Registration will be divided into two sections: Advanced and Regular. Advanced lessons will be taught directly by the director, and regular lessons will be taught by qualified instructors. 

Register for youth online classes

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Adult: January 13–July 31

 Register for adult online classes

Adult Guitar Registration includes options for Fall, Spring, and Summer. You may select only the class in which you want to enroll for the current semester or you may select classes for the entire academic year. You will be charged the registration fee only once as long as when you go back in to register for more classes you use the same user name and password that you used to create the original account.

To make changes to your account including adding tuition or to make a payment, please see the directions HERE.
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  • Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $15 - MUST be paid at the time of application to be considered registered
  • Please visit the class offerings page for a complete listing of all fees.

*Please DO NOT send checks or other forms of payment to the Office of Pre-College and Summer Programs.
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  • Registration Deadline: Please contact the Director, Dr. Atanas Tzvetkov for available times.
  • Full Tuition Payment deadline: Payment is due at time of enrollment

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Please read carefully as the procedure has changed for the Academic Year 2019-2020:

Before the first class, you must sign and submit required safety and liability forms. Formerly, those forms were accessible on the Jacobs School of Music website. Now, the only way to access the two required forms is through your Confirmation of Registration which is automatically emailed to you after enrolling with the online registration form.

Only the parent/guardian may complete these forms and submit them to Indiana University using one of the following methods (fax and mail are no longer accepted methods):

  1. A parent/guardian may submit forms in person to the Program Director or Assigned Teacher at their child’s first pre-college class of the academic year OR
  2. Before the first class, a parent/guardian may email forms to the secure IU BOX HEALTH folder for their program. The link is provided in the Confirmation of Registration mentioned above. Only email these forms to the IU BOX HEALTH folder, and please attach as a single PDF document with a file name of: CHILD’S LAST NAME, CHILD’S FIRST NAME.

Scheduling Form
Please download a Scheduling Form [PDF], complete, and email to

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Refund Policy
Full refunds will be given only within the first week of lessons. Refunds require $50 for reimbursement.
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There are no scholarships available for this program.
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Start your musical journey

Youth guitar registration is available for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. You can register for a single semester or an entire academic year.

Register for guitar lessons now

How to help your child make the most of the guitar academy

Your presence at lessons

We recommend that students in first and second grade have a parent present for the duration of the lesson or available for "touching base" at the beginning and the end of each lesson to optimize home practice. Some children receive extra benefit from having parents attend lessons on a weekly basis, while others prefer to have their teacher "all to themselves."

Practice routines

Setting a daily practice time will help your child establish a routine. Some students thrive on morning practice, while others do best after school or even right before bedtime.

Important parking information

Much of the parking at Indiana University is by permit only. If you are parked illegally you will be ticketed and towed. 

If your child attends classes after 5 p.m. on weekdays or on the weekends, you can take advantage of a number free parking options. For the most parking flexibility, though, you should purchase a permit—which you can get for as little as $27.

Contact us

For questions about applications, fees, and any other administrative issues, please contact the Office of Pre-college and Summer Programs:

Phone: 812-855-6025

For questions about the Guitar program and lesson scheduling, please contact the director:

Atanas Tzvetkov
Phone: 812-322-5019