Summer Music for IU Students

Jacobs Summer of Music!

Courses Offered Summer 2016

Below is a list of courses that may be offered during the 2016 JSOM Summer Term.Department listings marked * reflect the 2015 listings and will be updated soon. The listings are subject to change. Courses are listed under the department of the faculty members who ordinarily teach them. The list omits courses like masterclass, ensemble, independent study, orchestral repertoire, recital, and capstone document.

Here is a key to session codes used below.

4W1 = May 10–June 3
6W1 = May 10–June 17
6W2 = June 20–July 29
8W1 = May 10–July 1
8W2 = June 6–July 29
NS2 = June 6–July 15 [NS stands for non-standard]

Courses for Non-Majors

Note that class instruction in guitar, piano, and voice are listed included in the department listings below.

6W1 MUS-Z 101 Music for the Listener
4W1 MUS-Z 110 Undergraduate Elective study in guitar
NS2 MUS-Z 110 Undergraduate Elective study in guitar, piano, voice
6W1 MUS-Z 111 Introduction to Music Theory
6W2 MUS-Z 111 Introduction to Music Theory
6W2 MUS-Z 190 Jazz for Listeners
6W2 MUS-Z 265 American Country Music
6W2 MUS-Z 315 Music for Film
8W2 MUS-Z 361 Intro to MIDI and Computer Music
6W1 MUS-Z 373 The American Musical
6W1 MUS-Z 385 History of the Blues
6W1 MUS-Z 403 The Music of Jimi Hendrix
4W1 MUS-Z 710 Graduate Elective study in guitar
NS2 MUS-Z 710 Graduate Elective study in guitar, piano, voice

* Ballet

6W1 J100/400 Elective- and Major-level Ballet
6W1 J410 Choreography Workshop


NS2 F466 Techniques in Marching Bands
NS2 G373 Instrumental Conducting
NS2 G579 Master's Advanced Wind Conducting
NS2 G679 Doctoral Advanced Wind Conducting
NS2 M579 Master's Seminar in Wind Literature


NS2 B410/810/910 Major- and Minor-level Horn
NS2 B420/820/920 Major- and Minor-level Trumpet
NS2 B430/830/930 Major- and Minor-level Trombone
NS2 B440/840/940 Major- and Minor-level Euphonium
NS2 B450/850/950 Major- and Minor-level Tuba
NS2 E510 Trumpet Pedgogy
NS2 E511 Trombone Pedagogy
NS2 M541 Brass Literature 1

Chamber Music

NS2 F450 Chamber Music
NS2 F550 Chamber Music

Choral Conducting

NS2 F461 Score Reading 1
NS2 F531 Score Reading/Aural Skills
NS2 F533 Advanced Score Readings/Aural Skills
NS2 G371 Choral Conducting 1
NS2G372 Choral Conducting 2
NS2 G560 Graduate Choral Conducting


6W1 G550 Conducting New Music
NS2 K100/400/710/810/910 Elective-, Minor-, and Major-level Composition
8W2 Z361/K361/N561 Intro to MIDI and Computer Music

* Early Music / Historical Performance Institute

NS2 Y110/410/710/810/910 Elective-, Minor-, and Major-level Natural Horn
NS2 M516 The English Lute Song 1580-1620
NS2 M516Performing Bach Solos: Vln/Vcl


4W1 L100 Guitar Elective/Secondary
NS2 L100 Guitar Elective/Secondary
4W1 L101 Beginning Guitar Class
NS2 L101 Beginning Guitar Class
4W1 L102 Intermediate Guitar Class
NS2 L102 Intermediate Guitar Class
4W1 L103 Advanced Guitar Class
NS2 L103 Advanced Guitar Class
6W1 L121Beginning Guitar Class and Styles
6W2 L121Beginning Guitar Class and Styles
6W1 L122 IntermediateGuitar Class and Styles
6W2 L122 IntermediateGuitar Class and Styles
4W1 L700 Guitar Graduate Elective
NS2 L700 Guitar Graduate Elective



Jazz Studies

NS2 M591Jazz History 1: Origins–1949
NS2 O311 Fundamentals of Jazz Theory
NS2 O321 Jazz Improvisation 1
NS2 O511 Fundamentals of Jazz Theory
NS2 O521 Jazz Improvisation 1

Music Education

NS2 E527 Advanced Instrumental Methods
6/15–26 E571-2-3 Kodaly Concept I-II-III
NS1 E491 Senior Seminar in Music Education
7/6–10 E540 Topics in Music Education Smtihsonian Ceritifcation in World Music Pedagogy
4W1 F261 String Class Techniques

Music Entrepreneurship


Music in General Studies Program

See courses for non-majors at the top of this page.

Music Theory

NS2 T331 Musical Skills IV
8W2 T351 Music Theory and Literature V
NS2 T508 Written Theory Review forGraduate Students
NS2 T509 Sightsinging Review for Graduate Students (1 credit)
NS2 T511 Aural Theory Review for Graduate Students (1 credit)
8W2 T555 Schenkerian Analysis
8W2 T658 Seminar in Music Theory

Musicology (Music History and Literature)

8W2 M401 History and Literature of Music I
8W2 M402 History and Literature of Music II
NS2 M410 Mozart (Prof. Ivanovitch)
NS2 M501 Proseminar in Music History (two sections)
NS2 M510 Women in Music (Prof. Smith)
NS2 M510 American Popular song (Prof. Ford)
NS2 M655 Romantic Music (Prof. Strandberg)
NS2 M539 Intro to Music Bibliography (Prof. Rogers) 

Opera Studies


Orchestral Conducting


* Organ

NS2 C524 Organ Improvisation
NS2 C540 The History of Christian Worship and Sacred Music
NS2 Q400/800/900 Major- and Minor-level Organ


NS2 D400/800/900 Major- and Minor-level Percussion

* Piano

NS2 P110 Beginning Piano Class 1 for Nonmusic Majors
NS2 P100/400/700/800/900 Major-, Minor, and Elective-level Piano

* Audio Engineering and Sound Production

A111 Electronics I (online)
A112 Electronics II (online)
A440 Individual Project in Audio Engineering
A470 Indivdual Multitrack Studio Project I
A471 Indivdual Multitrack Studio Project II
A480 Internship in Audio
A511 Electronics I (online)
A512 Electronics II (online)

* Strings

NS2 S410/810/910 Major- and Minor-level Violin
NS2 S420/820/920 Major- and Minor-level Viola
NS2 S430/830/930 Major- and Minor-level Violoncello
NS2 S440/840/940 Major- and Minor-level Double Bass


8W1 E494 Voice Pedagogy
8W1 E594 Voice Pedagogy
8W1 E694 Advanced Vocal Pedagogy
NS2 M432 Song Literature II
NS2 M533 Song Literature IV
NS2 R472 Vocal Performance Workshop II
NS2 R572 Opera Workshop
NS2 V100/400/700/800/900 Elective-, Minor-, and Major-level Voice
8W1 V150 Italian Diction for Singers
NS2 V250 German Diction for Singers
NS2 V350 French Diction for Singers
NS2 V410/910 Vocal Coaching


NS2 W410/810/910 Major- and Minor-level Flute/Piccolo
NS2 W420/820/920 Major- and Minor-level Oboe
NS2 W430/830/930 Major- and Minor-level Clarinet
NS2 W440/840/940 Major- and Minor-level Bassoon
NS2 W450/850/950 Major- and Minor-level Saxophone

* Other Courses

NS2 U200/U470 I–IV/U596 Violin Making and Repair

If you have questions about summer academic programming, contact Music Advising and Records Services at students) students)