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Young Winds

How to Apply



Spring 2020 Online Registration is now closed

All registration is done online, there is no paper application. If you need to access your account at any time after your initial registration, please use the link given on your E-mail invoice, not the link above!

Representatives from the Young Winds program will be going out to the Bloomington area schools this fall.  These representatives will distribute pamphlets containing registration and program information to the students and band directors of local schools.

To make changes to your account including adding tuition, or to make a payment, please see the directions HERE.



Non-refundable Registration Fee: $15 - must be paid at time of enrollment to insure your spot

Tuition: $60

*Please DO NOT send checks or other forms of payment to the Office of Pre-College and Summer Programs.



Please read carefully as the procedure has changed for the Academic Year 2019-2020:

Before the first class, you must sign and submit required safety and liability forms. Formerly, those forms were accessible on the Jacobs School of Music website. Now, the only way to access the two required forms is through your Confirmation of Registration which is automatically emailed to you after enrolling with the online registration form (for all online enrollments before August 13, you will be emailed these forms separately).

Only the parent/guardian may complete these forms and submit them to Indiana University using one of the following methods (fax and mail are no longer accepted methods):

  1. A parent/guardian may submit forms in person to the Program Director or Assigned Teacher at their child’s first pre-college class of the academic year OR
  2. Before the first class, a parent/guardian may email forms to the secure IU BOX HEALTH folder for their program. The link is provided in the Confirmation of Registration mentioned above. Only email these forms to the IU BOX HEALTH folder, and please attach as a single PDF document with a file name of: CHILD’S LAST NAME, CHILD’S FIRST NAME.


Please refer to the contact page with any questions you might have.

We look forward to seeing you this spring!