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New Payment Policy

The String Academy faculty is no longer allowed to continue lessons if full payment is not received by the end of the second week of the semester.  To avoid any uncomfortable situations, there is a deadline on the registration form that indicates when payment is expected.  If there are questions regarding payment options, please contact Christina Hightower at or at 812-856-1523.

The Jacobs School of Music String Academy

Spring Semester: January 13 - May 2, 2020

  • Summer I: May 4 - May 30, 2020
  • Summer II: June 22 - July 18, 2020

    Dear Students and Parents:

Welcome back to the Spring Semester. We are off and running with all the group classes beginning this Saturday, January 18th. 

In the last few months our students have participated in many competitions - local, national and international. Hats off to the winners, the String Academy faculty who prepares them, and to the parents who are driving north to south and east to west.  

Louisville Symphony Competition
              1st Prize – Maya Kilburn

The Michael Ben & Illene Komisarow Maurer Young Musicians Contest (Indianapolis Symphony)
              1st Prize – Phillip Hammond
              3rd Prize – Abby Ko

Sphinx Competition (Semi-finals): Phillip Hammond and Ethan Murphy

New World Youth Orchestra (Indianapolis)

              Junior Philharmonic Prize: Kelton O’Connell
              Junior: Miranda Isbitts
              Senior 1st Prize – Alice Ford
              Senior 2nd Prize – Abby Ko and William Mayhew

 Carmel Symphony Competition

              1st Prize – Cooper Olsen
              2nd Prize – Phillip Hammond
              3rd Prize – William Mayhew

 The Rising Star Young Artist Concerto Competition Southeast Missouri State University

              1st Prize – Phillip Hammond
              2nd Prize – Cooper Olsen

 The Eisemann International Young Artist Competition
              3rd Prize – Maya Kilburn

Muncie Symphony Competition
              Junior 1st Prize - Cooper Olsen
              Senior 1st Prize - Phillip Hammond
              Honorable Mention - Alice Ford

Evansville Symphony Competition
              2nd Prize - Ethan Murphy

Brown Competition in Columbus, IN
              3rd Prize – Minjung Kim

Columbus Symphony Competition
               1st Prize – Minjung Kim


Keep in mind the INTERMEZZO CONCERT for the violins to take place on February 29 at 10 for BEG thru Book 5, and on March 7 at 10 for MC, VE and VV II.

The PRACTICE COMPETITION is over on Februrary 22. There will be a winner for each group with great prizes. Winners will be announced at the Intermezzo Concerts. 

Also, this semester to celebrate Beethoven's 250th birthday, we are presenting all the violin and cello sonatas and cello variations in four concerts:
    March 8
    March 28
    March 29
    April 19

New BEGINNER and transfer students for Spring Semester need to contact Christina Hightower at

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For questions regarding the registration process you may contact Robin Allen at

Registration remains open at:


Best wishes,

Mimi Zweig

Virtuosi-Formal-AR_Chile-2019.jpg  Virtuosi-AR_Chile-2019-Informal.jpg


Enjoy the performances of the Virtuosi in Argentina/Chile 2019  

The website STRINGPEDAGOGY.COM is now open to all.  Feel free to watch the teaching videos of Sadie The Beginner. The videos will take you through the journey of Book One. This website is a big help for students and parents of all levels. Go to:



Virtuosi-May-2018.jpg String Academy Virtuosi SHOWCASE CONCERT

The String Academy is open to children ages 5 -18 who wish to study the violin and cello through a curriculum that includes private and group lessons, theory and master classes, chamber music, and performance opportunities. Instruction is based upon the methods and philosophies of Mimi Zweig, Suzuki, and Paul Rolland. Beginning students participate weekly in both a private and group lesson. Parents are urged to support and encourage the students at private and group lessons and in daily practice.

The special training, experience and expertise of the outstanding faculty in the musical education of young people results in students playing with technical ease and musical sensitivity. The first years of music instruction are the most important, for they set the stage for everything that follows. Whether a child develops into a professional musician or an amateur, the skills of concentration and the joy and love for music will remain forever.

Please download the String Academy Handbook [PDF] for guidelines and detailed information about the String Academy. Adobe Acrobat is free and can be downloaded here.

For information about the Indiana University Violin Virtuosi Documentary, go to "Circling Around - The Violin Virtuosi".