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Music for Toddlers

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This is a class for 1-2 year olds. The class helps children experience the world around them through singing, movement, listening, playing, and creating music. Children will have an opportunity to play simple musical instruments (rhythms sticks, drums, tone bars, and shakers), engage in listening games, sing songs, and learn simple dances. Parents will be able to watch their children’s musical growth, expand their child’s musical repertoire, and learn activities to do at home.

Did you know...

*Singing to your child unaccompanied, without instruments or recordings, is the best way for your child to learn melodies and words to songs? (Shaw)

*After his/her first birthday, your child can recognize music representative of his/her own culture? (Hannon&Trainor, 2007)

*Children thrive musically when singing, playing, and dancing with their peers?

*Children are likely to become fluent speakers by the age of 3 when surrounded by conversation and speech? (Cowley, 1997)