Pre-College Ballet Program

Pre-College Ballet Program

How to Apply


CLICK HERE to Register for 2018 Fall Pre-College Ballet

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Please read all of the following instructions. Your email is your login. If you are not applying for financial aid, please complete the payment process with a credit card or check following the instructions on the application. If you ARE applying for Financial Aid, please see the instructions below.

To make changes to your account including adding tuition, or to make a payment, please see the directions HERE.

Notes for Returning Students

RETURNING STUDENTS:  You should receive an email with specific instructions for registering your child.

If you have not received an email specific to your child, please contact Pre-College Ballet program director Sophia Fatouros at for level placement.

  • All returning students must read and follow the new dress code policy, found HERE.


BEFORE YOU REGISTER, please contact Pre-College Ballet program director Sophia Fatouros at for level placement. 

  • We are following the Monroe County Schools (MCCSC) Age Bracket, treating each level like a school year.
  • Lower levels based on age must be class age by August 1
  • Refund Policy: If requested before the second class, tuition (minus a $50.00 cancellation charge) may be refunded with the approval of the director.
  • Make-up Class Policy: In the event that we have to cancel a class for weather or construction related problems, your child may make up a class with a lower level. Due to LIMITED STUDIO SPACE, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE a rescheduled make-up class for any level.
  • Please read and adhere to class dress code policies, found HERE.

  • Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $15 - MUST be paid at the time of application to be considered registered

  • (Optional) Financial Aid Application Fee: $10

  • Please see class offerings page for class fees.
  • *Please DO NOT send checks or other forms of payment to the Office of Pre-College and Summer Programs.
  • Class dates begin: August 25, 2018

  • Registration Deadline: August 20, 2018

  • Full Tuition: Due at the time of Registration unless requesting financial aid

  • Financial Aid Paperwork: September 20, 2018


Required Forms

All students must download and submit the required forms below by the end of the first week of classes.

Required Forms (Click to Download)

***Please Note: Do Not send the document via e-mail.

You may return the forms via:

  • Fax: (812) 855-4936, ATTN: Office of Pre-College and Summer Programs
  • Mail: 
Office of Pre-College and Summer Programs
IU Jacobs School of Music
1201 E. 3rd St. Merrill Hall 006
Bloomington, IN 47405


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Financial Aid

Financial Aid may be awarded to families who have a total family income under $35,000 per year. Families with multiple children may have a higher income if qualify for reduced school lunch fees. For more information about whether or not you qualift for reduced school lunch fees, please click HERE.

International students may apply for a merit based scholarship, but are not eligible for financial aid. Only United States Citizens and Permanent Legal Residents may apply for Financial Aid. 

Step 1: Use the online registration procedure to create your student record.  Tuition payment is not required at this time. Pay only the registration fee and financial aid fee at this time. Upon completion of the $25 payment, go to Step 2.

Step 2:
For a Financial Aid application please click Here

The following three items will be required with the Financial Aid Application.
• Completed Financial Aid Application
• Photocopies of Parent/Guardian’s most recent Federal Tax Form 1040
• Copies of W2s


You should mail or fax paperwork to the address listed at the bottom of the financial aid application.

Step 3:

Once the tuition waiver has been determined, families will be contacted by email and given further instruction. At that time, you will be able to return to the student’s record using the same user name and password, and pay remaining fees. Student may begin lessons while financial aid is being determined. If no financial aid is awarded, the entire amount will be owed.

If you have questions regarding your Financial Aid Application, please contact the Office of Pre–College and Summer Programs at or call (812) 855-6025

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Artistic Merit Awards

Merit Scholarships are only available to students who have been in the program at least two semesters and are in levels Ballet 4 through 8 because of the numbers of classes these levels require.

The pool of scholarship funding is limited so those students granted an award will receive an amount between 15% and 50% of the total tuition due each semester, depending on how many students apply and other qualifications like attendance records and circumstances determined by the Pre-College program director in consultation with other senior faculty members.

To apply for an Artistic Merit Award:
1. Use the online registration procedure to create your student record. Pay the $15 registration fee as the tuition payment is not required until the scholarship amount is granted.

2. The student writes and submits an essay about why ballet is important to them. What do they enjoy about taking ballet? What do they appreciate when watching ballet? What attributes have they gained from studying ballet? What do they want to accomplish in ballet in the year ahead?

3. Please include specific information on how long the student has studied dance; what other activities they have done or continue to do; and any particular achievements or performances they have done.

4. Essay for Scholarship request must be submitted no later than September 20, 2018. Submit essay either in hard copy in person to the program director Sophia Fatouros, Office 308, or by email to

Awardees will be contacted by the Pre-College Ballet program via email two weeks after the due date. Please contact Pre-College Ballet Program Director Sophia Fatouros for any questions or information about the awarding of merit Scholarships. Email

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Refund Policy
  • If requested before the second class, tuition (minus a $50.00 cancellation charge) may be refunded with the approval of the director.

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