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Forms and FAQ

All students must complete and submit these forms by June 1:
Required Forms (7 p. PDF)

This form is needed if student plans to meet with someone not associated with Summer Music Clinic: Non-IU meeting Authorization [PDF]
This form is needed if student plans to ride in car of someone not associated with Summer Music Clinic: Transportation Release [PDF]

Frequently Asked Questions 

2018 Summer Music Clinic Schedule

What will we play on the 2018 Finale Concert?
Orchestra Program:
Shortcut Home by Dana Wilson
Two Norwegian Airs, Mvt. I by Edvard Grieg
Symphony No. 5, Mvt. IV by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Crimson Band Program:
Cajun Folk Songs: II. Belle by Frank Ticheli
Walls of Zion by Greg Danner
Melodious Thunk by David Biedenbender
Canto E Camdombe by Alfred Reed

Cream Band Program:
Shattering Infinity by Benjamin Dean Taylor
Elegy for Albinoni by Shelley Hanson
La Fiesta Mexicana by H. Owen Reed

If I do not request a roommate, will I be assigned with someone the same age as me?
Yes. We make our assignments based on your year in school. Occasionally students are assigned with someone a bit older or a bit younger; however, every effort is made to match students up with someone the same age.
Should I bring any money to the Clinic?
Most students bring about $40-$50. Technically the cost of the Clinic covers all lodging, meals, etc.; however, many of the students choose to eat at places like Mother Bear’s Pizza and to buy souvenirs from places like TIS Bookstore. We also have a Night at the Union and having some pocket money would pay for games and food.
What else should I bring?
Please see Packing Checklist
What do I need to prepare for auditions?
Click on "Auditions" in the left menu.

What pieces have been performed in the past on the final concerts?
Orchestra programs
Cream Band programs
Crimson Band programs