Retreat for Violin & Viola Teachers

Retreat for Violin & Viola Teachers

Mimi Zweig

Retreat for Violin and Viola Teachers Director

Brenda Brenner, Coordinator

Mimi Zweig
 Rebecca Henry
James Przygocki
Sherry Sinift

Summer 2020
Session 1: June 26-July 1, 2020
Session 2: July 1-July 5, 2020

This workshop is intended for participants over the age of 18.

Our summer program gives string players and teachers the opportunity to participate in an intensive String Academy Pedagogy Workshop. Each workshop will incorporate the philosophies of Shinichi Suzuki, Paul Rolland, and Mimi Zweig. Retreats will include lectures, demonstrations, and opportunities to observe master teachers in the Indiana University String Academy and world-renowned guest artists. Participants in The Retreat for Violin and Viola Teachers also have the opportunity to apply workshop principles through private lessons and master class performance opportunities. A few sessions will focus on using the Retreat Principles in public school instruction.

What participants are saying about their experiences at the Teacher’s Retreat

“Learning how to play with freedom of motion and how to teach it was very important for my own process.”

“I was blown away by the generosity of the teachers in sharing their wisdom and insights, and found the whole retreat to be incredibly valuable.”

“I loved being able to hear sessions from all of the String Academy teachers.”

Most valuable…..”the overview given in lectures of Suzuki Books 1-8, by allowing a broad picture of all, step by step.”

Most valuable…..”Illustrations of how to weave excellent technique into the student’s level of repertoire and etudes.”

“I had a great time! It could be a big longer….no complaints.”

“Most valuable for me were my own lessons and observation of student lessons that allowed us to see/experience the theory put into practice.”

All Retreats Include:
  • "Teaching the Violin to Children"
  • Observation of the IU String Academy in action
  • Master Classes for Participants
  • IU Summer Music Festival
  • Paul Rolland videos
  • New Music for Young Violinists (One World Strings) edited by
          Rebecca Henry and Mimi Zweig (available at Retreat)
  • Public school applications
  • Setting up a pre-college program

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Session I: Beginning the Violin Journey (prerequisite for Session II)
  • 1st lessons up to Twinkle
  • Parental education and involvement
  • Book I-IV repertoire and skill development
  • Theory for young violinists
  • Learning to read music
  • Early etudes
  • Group lessons
  • The Rehabilitation Process
  • Reading Sessions of Supplemental Literature

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Session II: Establishing a Healthy Foundation with Etudes, Scales and Repertoire
  • Rehabilitation of incorrect beginnings
  • Shifting, vibrato, and bow strokes
  • Intermediate and advanced repertoire
  • Flesch Scale System
  • Wohlfhart Etudes, Op.45
  • Preparing for Kreutze by Harvey Whistler
  • *Kreutzer Etudes (International Edition)
  • Working with gifted children
  • Parent/child musical relationships

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  • Infant Paganini-Mollenhauer
  • Polish Dance-Edmund Severn
  • Introduction and Polonaise-Bohm
  • *Praeludium and Allegro-Fritz Kreisler
  • Concerto #3 in G Major-Mozart
  • G Major Concerto-Haydn
  • Vivaldi Concertos
  • Kreisler pieces
  • New Music for Young Violinists, edited by Rebecca Henry and Mimi Zweig

*It is recommended that participants bring these pieces with them to the workshop. All other literature is optional.

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