Sacred Music Intensive Workshop

Sacred Music Intensive Workshop

Reviews and Testimonials

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"Part of the great success of this course is the mass choir that includes nearly every attendee. Every element of this week was valuable!"

"The Choral Warm-up classes were very useful... I can’t wait to apply the techniques presented. Applied choral conducting classes were the highlight of the conference."

"As a non-professional musician with a totally unrelated “day job” I was apprehensive I would be at a level inappropriate for the SMI but I needn’t have been.  The structure and approach of the faculty was conducive to the wide range of experiences within the class members.  Something I did not expect to come away with was a new commitment to the spiritual part of my job.  THANKS!"

"I would ENTHUSIASTICALLY encourage my colleagues to attend!  The experience was excellent with a group spirit not always evident at such gatherings." 

"Great lessons and interactions with the organ professors!  The faculty was wonderful – helpful, attentive, personable and thoroughly knowledgeable and able to present and share that knowledge. The week was a GREAT experience!"  

"I loved having access to all of the practice organs and studying and performing on the Fisk organs in Auer Hall and Alumni Hall!"

"I focused on the choral track and this experience gave the week a rich spiritual dimension, in addition to the intellectual stimulation of the classes and lessons, the collegial interaction among participants of various age groups made this definitely worth the time and money!"

"The organ and acoustic of Auer Hall are wonderful. Thank you for allowing us so much time to play in these wonderful spaces and to participate in the final concert."

"Thanks for the great ideas about how an organist should speak to his or her choral conductor! I especially appreciated your attitude of creating art out of boiler plate – it helped me re-assess my own attitude toward anthem accompaniments. Organ lessons were the main motivation for me to attend and I was Not disappointed!"

"You are to be commended for your friendly, welcoming ways and acceptance of each participant, whatever their gifts and skill level. Your teaching helped each person to take their own “next step.” This was a model for ministry and teaching."

"Everything in the choir packet was good and useable in a variety of denominations and with a wide range of choirs."