Art of the Piano

Evelyne Brancart

Art of Playing the Piano Director
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The Art of Playing the Piano Workshop
2011 dates: TBA

Evelyne Brancart will share her concept of playing the piano through all the different aspects of technique: Kinesthetic, Physical, Mental, Aural and Tactile.

Each subject will be explored to demonstrate the most effective positions and movement's use in relation to motion, sound, and style. The last sessions will be dedicated to personal, practical advice to participants (at the piano). Participants are encouraged to bring scores (whole, parts or passages) and will be able to address questions or problems on any of the subjects.

Subjects will include
  • Shoulder, upper arm, elbow and wrist

  • Building a hand position

  • The thumb

  • Alignment

  • Finger's attack

  • Finger's release

  • Shift

  • Pivotation

  • Rotation

  • Fingering

  • Practicing

  • Pedaling

  • Memorization

  • Chopin etudes

This seminar will be of interest to professional pianists, teachers, students and advanced amateurs.