"I have been thrilled to participate in the workshop for three summers now. It has been an honor to work with Professor Stiles, as Julian Morriswell as stage directors Sophie Roland and Brenna immensely from their mentorship. It has also been wonderful to work with instructors with active professional careers in the fields of performance, teaching, and directing. Participants have the opportunity for significant stage time in a comfortable environment. It is the perfect setting to explore yourself as a singing actor, and to work at a very high level with fellow students and singers, as well as renowned instructors."

--Julian Morris


Kimberly Redick

"I had a great time attending SOW for three summers! It provided opportunities to work one on one with world renowned faculty and to develop many different opera characters in a creative and supportive environment." 

--Kimberly Redick

Jeremy Johnson “I first attended the summer opera workshop last year, and I’m very much looking forward to participating again this coming summer.  The workshop is a friendly setting, full of excitement and talent, where all the singers really enjoy working together.  I loved learning from and working with Professor Stiles, Dr. Sophie Roland, and Maestro Simone Luti, who are all talented, knowledgeable, and helpful directors and conductors. Participating in the program with my friends and peers allowed me to meet singers around campus and develop lasting friendships through a great experience, learning from one another, and making music together.”   

--Jeremy Johnson


"Patricia Stiles' summer opera workshop gave me a safe environment in which to put into practice many of the wonderful things I learn everyday in my classes here at Indiana University.  Moreover, the carefully chosen staff of the clinic are all very successful in their field and offer wonderful insights that are impossible to glean from any textbook.  Perhaps most importantly, though, was the program gave me an opportunity to get to know many of my colleagues and rediscover why I enjoy music and performing as much as I do." 

--Darren Antoine Miller II


mattbrown"SOW with professor Stiles is the most positive atmosphere for training young people in opera that I have ever experienced. No diva/divo's here. Instead, this opera workshop is a highly positive and friendly environment where all components of a career in opera are explored. Whether its acting exercises, audition training, or staging rehearsals, students can be assured to be in a supportive environment to hone in on their operatic skills. All of this is combined with an international faculty who have had real professional experience. In short, SOW does not disappoint."  

--Matt Brown

Synthia Steiman"Summer Opera Workshop created a great environment for growth.  I felt challenged musically and artistically.  It was so stimulating to work with Brenna, Marcello and Professor Stiles.  They all have such a broad knowledge of the repertoire and they were very inspiring.  The process of putting together opera scenes was so much fun.  It was so interesting to work with people of different ages and different backgrounds.  I learned a lot not only from the directors, but from my fellow performers.  I also had a great time in the acting workshops at the beginning of the program.  It was a great way to get to know everyone and to open up.  The table readings were also a very helpful method in preparing our opera scenes.  Table work forced us to understand the scene on a deeper level.  Thus, we were able to connect to the characters while we were singing.  It was challenging, but very rewarding.  I am definitely considering returning to SOW this coming summer.  It was such a wonderful experience!"

--Synthia Steiman