Young Pianists

We teach your child piano with enthusiasm, expertise, and care

We have provided high-quality piano and theory instruction to students from Monroe County and South Central Indiana since 1986. We admit all students age five through high school who want to learn piano or improve their playing. 

While we prepare the most talented and accomplished young pianists for future conservatory-level study, we also nurture the creative and instrumental abilities of many students who want to play just for the love of it. Our caring teachers instruct with enthusiasm and expertise, while striving to deepen the understanding and passion of each child for this marvelous musical art.

What you need to know before your child begins taking piano

In order to take piano lessons, your child must have access to a piano or keyboard on which s/he can practice daily. An acoustic piano is highly preferable, but a large electronic keyboard will suffice for the first year if need be. Pre-college pianists cannot reserve time in the Jacobs School's practice rooms.

Most children are ready for piano lessons at age 5 or 6, depending on their attention span and their emotional and physical maturity, although few can successfully start at age 4. The younger your child begins, the more crucial it is for you to be actively involved in every aspect of study. If you are the parent of a young child or beginner, you should plan to accompany them to lessons, take note and regularly supervise his or her home paractice. If you are not a musician, you may find it helpful to record the lessons.

Auditions are not required to participate in the Young Piano program, but if your child is a transfer student who is enrolling for the first time, we may ask to have a placement interview.

Lesson policies and procedures

Lessons take place at the Jacobs School of Music. We ask that parents make every effort to attend the lessons of young children and beginners.

If, exceptionally, you cannot stay for an entire lesson, you must walk your child to/from the teaching room. Small children are not allowed to wander the halls of the Jacobs School unaccompanied: they must be handed off directly to—and picked up promptly from—their teacher.

Attendance policy

Regular attendance at lessons is crucial to your student’s progress. We charge for the full semester; tuition for lessons missed due to student absence will not be refunded. It is in your student’s interest to attend all lessons, and to arrive promptly at the scheduled lesson or class time. Instruction time lost due to student tardiness is forfeited, and will not be made up unless there are extenuating circumstances (e.g. a family emergency). You should notify your student’s teacher directly of any impending absence as far in advance as possible—no less than 24 hours before the lesson. If your student must miss due to an unavoidable conflict with an official school, church or Jacobs School event we encourage you to try and trade lesson times with a studiomate. Many of our instructors will offer to make up a very limited number of lessons missed by the student, but they are not obligated to do so.

Lessons missed by the teacher will be re-scheduled at a mutually convenient time, or will be taught by a substitute.

Lesson and recital attendance

Sharing one’s love of music with others in public performances is an integral part of piano study. We expect students to play in our end-of-semester recitals each fall and spring, as well as in the studio classes individual teachers may organize. If you need to request an exemption from recital attendance, it must be approved well in advance by your student’s teacher and the director.

Important parking information

Much of the parking at Indiana University is by permit only. If you are parked illegally you will be ticketed and towed. 

If your child attends classes after 5 p.m. on weekdays or on the weekends, you can take advantage of a number free parking options. For the most parking flexibility, though, you should purchase a permit—which you can get for as little as $27.

Contact us

For information regarding applications, fees, financial aid, and any other administrative issues, please contact the Office of Pre-college and Summer Programs:

Phone: 812-855-6025

For questions about the Young Pianists program, lesson scheduling, or merit awards, please contact the director, Dr. Karen Taylor:

Phone: 812-336-4465

For questions about Theory class, please email Tony Weinstein at:

Phone: 513-226-2485